8 Surefire Tactics to Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

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When analyzing your website traffic, you'll notice that the number of new visits always outweighs return visits. In most cases, as much as 75+ percent of all website visitors are new hits:



But guess what? The most valuable visitors are the ones who return. Why? Because return visitors are often the ones who are loyal to your brand and more likely to purchase the products or services you sell or promote on your website.

This makes it important to ensure that people keep coming back to your website again and again. And today, we are about to show you, not one, but EIGHT NO-FAIL TACTICS you can use to bring back visitors to your site, even if they've only visited just once. Keep reading!


When old visitors notice that you keep publishing valuable content on a regular basis, they'll keep coming back to consume it. Whether it is blog posts, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, or any other type of online content, the idea is to keep publishing consistently. Look at our blog, for example. We keep adding new content every now and then:



As a result, we keep receiving tons and tons of visitors every month.

Publishing new and fresh content not only helps with search engine optimization but also presents your website as the go-to resource for people in your niche to find answers, hence repeat visits. Just be sure that you provide helpful content free from any sort of duplication by utilizing the duplicate checker.


Beyond regular content, you want to be sure that you establish a consistent publishing pattern. Why? Because updating your site with fresh content is only half the battle; you need to be consistent per your scheduling. For example, if you keep publishing new blog posts every Monday and Thursday, before long, your visitors will notice it and keep visiting your blog on those days to read the new posts.

Result? Repeat visits.

You'll first have to make a decision on how often you'll be publishing new posts, and then decide on the best days to publish them. Depending on your blog, perhaps 1-3 times a week should be okay. You can either decrease or increase the frequency to best meet your needs. 


But remember that it’s better to have fewer truly useful posts than a lot of low-grade posts.


The fact is that if visitors come to your website and find that it is not convenient for them to use, they will leave to another site. Whether you know it or not, a website’s user experience (UX) can either keep visitors coming back or send them away.

Here are some things you can do to achieve a great UX:

  • Be sure that your website design is beautiful and excellent

  • Optimize your web pages to load at lightning speed

  • Make it super easy for users to navigate your site and easily find what they want

  • Keep your site clutter-free and clean. You want to avoid things like non-matching ads, overly large banners, and everything that is contrary to your site goals.




How does providing value keep people coming back to your website? Let's analyze a real-world example:

You know that here at Small SEO Tools, we have over 120 highly useful SEO and website tools, right? And ALL of our tools are 100% FREE, right? And you know that people love free valuable stuff, right? That's how we've had literally millions of people come back to our website over and over again — to benefit from the value we are providing with these awesome SEO tools.



Your website does not need to start building hundreds of tools and give 'em out for free.

Maybe you run a food blog. How about creating truly useful downloadable recipes? Maybe your site provides freelance services to clients. How about conducting exceptional case studies that can help your freelance clients improve their business? Maybe you run an eCommerce website. How about regularly tracking and publishing extremely helpful key statistics so that your buyers understand the industry better and make smarter buying decisions?

There is so much value you can provide based on your unique business model. This will keep old visitors tailing your website like a coffee lover tailing a coffee shop.


The idea with using email marketing to drive repeat visit is pretty traditional. It's been in use since and top bloggers understand this.

This is how it works:


  1. A visitor comes to your website

  2. She reads your content and likes it

  3. You offer her a chance to opt in to your email list and be receiving your new content, possibly offering her an incentive to sign up

  4. Next, you publish a new content and send her the link through email

  5. She clicks it open and lands back on your website.


As it goes, 4 and 5 keep repeating until she becomes a regular repeat visitor >> loyal reader >> big customer.



Have you been seeing something like this:


That's called push notification. It is a technique used by websites to try to get visitors to allow their browsers to receive notifications whenever the blog uploads a new content.

Although users have the option of not allowing it, push notification is highly useful for getting old visitors informed about your new blog posts. It works effectively on users who allow it and can be your secret sources of return visits.


Remarketing is a clever advertising technique in which you can target specific ads to visitors who interacted with your website previously. In other words, it allows you to set up targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website as they browse elsewhere around the web.


But how exactly do you specifically target your previous visitors?

Well, platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the other big advertising companies have features for this. For example, by using Facebook Custom Audience, you can add a remarketing pixel to your website so that you target your readers on Facebook who have visited your website for the last 180 days. And as said, similar features are available on Google and other ad engines.

This is an excellent way to bring back visitors to your website.


Social media is great for engaging readers and bringing them back to your website. Just as with email marketing, what you'd want to do is get your site visitors to join you on your favorite social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.


Once they've started following you on there, you'll then need to repeatedly post about new and fresh content you've recently added to your site and ask them to go check it out. But when using this technique, don't be overly promotional. Try to provide as much value as possible and only share content you're sure will genuinely help your readers.


These are all great and effective ways of driving repeat visits and growing your base of loyal readers. But don't limit yourself: you can implement as much of these ideas as you want.

Just imagine what is possible if you keep adding new content and do so following a consistent publishing schedule, provide an amazing website user experience combined with an irresistible value, and then try getting visitors to come back through emails, remarketing, push notifications, and the social media.

What do you think is going to happen? Well, at least, your website will blow up with return visitors. And don't forget, return visitors are often the most loyal people to your business, which means more revenue.



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