image of tausif akram By: Amby
20 Mar 2014

7 Point Content Quality Checklist

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve the quality of your web content or articles, you’ve already seen the first one in the title…

Odd Numbers Are Better

Okay, this one might sound silly and it’s certainly not required but when publishing a list—or setting a price, or hanging pictures, or anything—know that odd numbers are more appealing aesthetically and mentally than even numbers.

Strong Topic

This should be number one, seriously. The only right way to plan an article is to focus on a “hot button”, or a strong topic that ignites passion or emotion from your core audience. Or, a topic that defines and expresses the identity of your brand. Who you are, and why you are. (The wrong way is to focus on a keyword.)

Intriguing Headline / Title

It’s okay to break this rule, from time to time, but in general it is the title that convinces a potential reader to click or keep scrolling.


The words “Unique” and “Original” have both been confused, so the word “Authentic” is being used slightly out of context to make this point. Re-cycling information from anyone else in your industry is the best way to stay vanilla and never stand out.

Language / Tone

This is where it pays to invest in a quality content writer who gets the importance of using the right words and phrases, giving your brand a voice that your audience will relate to.


If you don’t know what you want, how will you achieve it? When it comes to a blog, focus on more relevant goals (like igniting engagement in the comments section, gaining subscribers, getting more shares, etc.) rather than simply “getting on the front page of Google”.


When possible, always link to another relevant resource for more information. Always cite the original source of any article that you are quoting or responding to. Don’t be afraid to send readers down a rabbit hole of useful information… in another tab.

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