6 Landing Page Faults That Raise Your Bounce Rate

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Focusing too heavy on getting traffic is pretty much the worst mistake you can make, and your bounce rate can confirm this. If the majority of your visitors leave within 30 seconds, it means you need to shift your focus more on keeping traffic interested.

That, and get rid of these common turn-offs on your landing page.

  • Too many ads.

    They are annoying and distracting. Visitors can tell when a website is built to be a money maker, and an infestation of ads only takes away any credibility. It’s pretty safe to assume that any substantial content you’ve offered is not worth the time it takes to find it through all those darn ads!
  • Takes too long to load.

    A media rich landing page is no Bueno. Cut back on the images, audio, and videos because waiting 20 seconds for one page to load is going to result in lost traffic.
  • Auto-play.

    Audio and videos should never play automatically. Talk about annoying and distracting!
  • Sales Letters.

    You really need to gain and establish trust, and that’s not going to happen when a first glimpse shows the familiar template used by every weight loss, get-rich-while-you-sleep, or any other affiliate marketing scam.
  • Too Long. Didn’t Read.

    Simple formatting tricks are required for longer content on the web. If a page looks too intimidating or boring to read, it is just not going to pull any readers in.
  • Not responsive.

    No matter where you go, almost everyone you see has their face buried in a screen. Note that people aren’t carrying around laptop computers, so if your website is not user friendly for mobile device (tablet and smart phone) users, that can account for a large percentage of your bounce rate.


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