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6 Feb 2015

4 Ways to Measure your Digital Marketing Success

As a company or individual dedicated to the concept of marketing, it is essential for you to show evidence of how influential your campaigns can be through ROI (return on investment) and website conversions.

Evaluating the extent to which your marketing efforts achieve success has long been an important part of promoting a business. With the right statistical evidence, you can cut down on the actions that are not having a positive impact on your website, and enhance the ones that are. Fortunately, there are a number of technologies that can be utilized to access this data, and knowing which ones you should be using can optimize your budget spending. The following five methods are recognized as some of the most beneficial ways of assessing your marketing success.

PPC and SEO tools

Currently, most companies involved with online marketing will use some manner of PPC and SEO measurement to ensure that they’re getting the most out of the search engine presence that they have generated. Technologies are available online that allow marketers to see whether they are selecting the best keywords for their company so that it is possible to optimize click-through rates and ultimately, conversion.

Web Analytics

Various web analytic tools, such as Google’s Analytics are currently being relied upon by approximately 56% of businesses. Google analytics allows you to track the activity of visitors that turn up at your website, as well as finding out where they came from, and when they left. Analytic tools such as this are helping marketers around the world to boost their online presence by changing the way that websites and consumers interact.

Responsive Websites

Over recent years, the rise of smartphones has ensured that marketers everywhere must be prepared to go mobile if they want to achieve online success. With so many people relying upon smartphones to provide information faster than ever, marketers are beginning to realize just how important having a responsive website is. If your website cannot keep up with smartphone use, then you’re undoubtedly being left behind by your competitors. Measurement within this area is rising significantly, demonstrating the impact that mobile service have on your ROI.

Customer Management

There are a number of online CRM (customer relationship management) solutions available today that can provide information about where your conversions come from. You may not realize it, but being able to track a prospective customer through their entire sales cycle can be incredibly valuable. The more data that you acquire on a lead as it moves through your website, the more you will be able to improve your future lead generation.

Using all of these tools correctly can provide you with a wide range of data that can demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. When you can back your results up with data-driven, strong marketing, then your business will be moving ever closer to success.

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