4 Specific Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

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If you’re looking for the easiest way to quit your day job and work from home, making your own hours and creating enough residual income to drive a Mercedes Benz and guarantee security for your children’s children (even if you don’t actually have children)… keep on dreaming.

You can have anything that you want bad enough to earn, but that means you have to work hard at it. With that being said, blogging for money is a reliable source of income that you can make for yourself but it’s not enough to quit your day job for (at first) and it requires real effort on your end.

Still interested? Great! Here are 4 specific ways to make money from blogging, as promised:

  1. AdSense-

    Of course there are many options for putting advertisements on your blog to generate extra income, but Google’s AdSense is the top pick because it’s simple to use (just copy and paste the code), it’s one of the biggest advertising networks available, and it is targeted to users browsing behavior so your readers will only see ads that are relevant to their interests.
  2. Amazon Associates-

    You might hear that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn extra income through your blog. Amazon Associates is a very specific program for affiliate marketing. You only earn money when somebody clicks through from your blog and makes a purchase… and so it’s your job to put readers in a “shopping mood”.
  3. Affiliate Marketing (Okay this is less specific)—

    There are many options for affiliate marketing. You can go through an existing system (such as ClickBank) or directly connect with related businesses for a commission-based agreement. The catch—the income you earn is commission based.
  4. Sponsorship—

    Once your blog is established enough and you have earned a sufficient number of loyal readers, you can seek out potential advertisers to pay for a private sponsorship. You will have to convince a prospective sponsor that your blog has enough qualified traffic to gain their interest, and that your niche is a good fit for their product or service. It is well worth the effort because a private sponsorship = more income than a PPC ad service.


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