image of tausif akram By: Amby
24 Oct 2014

4 Simple Steps to Give Your Website a Fall Overhaul

Spring cleaning is a time to prepare for the busier months ahead, while fall overhaul is a time to come back from the distractions of warmer/sunnier days and prepare for internal growth.

For many business owners, the first place to start is where most of your customers go first for information. Here are 4 simple steps you can do to give your website a much-needed fall overhaul:

1 - Improve the balance in your site design.

Great design in any form focuses on balancing aesthetics with function.
Visually, great design does not go for any particular look. Instead, it’s about creating a specific feeling.
Purposefully, great design serves an even bigger purpose. There is a place for everything, and that place makes sense.

2 - Improve page load time.

Let’s be honest. 20 seconds of waiting for a page to load can feel like 20 hours of anything else. So save your audience the frustration and make sure each of your web pages loads as quickly as possible… on any device.

3 - Simplify navigation.

Of course, page load time is irrelevant if a user has to search at all for the next step. There are guided navigation (telling visitors what they should do next) and self-guided navigation (letting visitors decide what they want to do next). Both matter… and both should be clear and simple.

4 - Make it a priority to keep your site updated.

This is where most small business owners fall short. Some people won’t bother buying a computer because it feels like you have to upgrade every 5 years or so, right? Well in business, that’s a lousy excuse. Updating your website shows your audience that you aren’t stale… that there is activity in your business and you are a worthy option in your industry. If you don’t want to keep your website updated, don’t complain about losing customers to the competitors that show more innovation! 


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