3 Ways to Consistently Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Although there is more focus these days on building relationships and keeping existing customers loyal, the true lifeblood of business growth lies in attracting and consistently converting new customers.

Build a personal connection, right off the bat.

People will always buy with their hearts… choosing brands they know, they like, and they trust. On your website, the first page they see will determine how visitors feel about your brand. Talking about the efforts that went into building your business… the story behind the why and the challenges faced by the founder(s)… make for a more personable About page than simply listing out certifications and accomplishments.


Nothing is more frustrating than having too many options… having to decide yourself what to do next. This is one of many reasons why the one-page layout is such an increasingly popular web design. Aside from being responsive (mobile devise friendly) a simpler layout is user friendly.

Stop trying to sell.

Naturally you want to make money but trying too hard to close sales makes you annoying and pushy. Lay out the facts and let the customer decide… they are more likely to trust you if you’re not obviously running on an agenda.


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