15 Reasons Why Your Online Store Isn’t Selling

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Whether it’s an ecommerce site or an Etsy store, you’re looking forward to the all-American dream of easy money. Right?

Well generating online sales is not for lazy people. Sorry to burst your bubble but buying into this misconception could very well be your first mistake. Here are 15 of the leading reasons why you aren’t selling yet.

  1. Your ecommerce site or online store is still new. It takes time.
  2. You don’t have enough items.
  3. You aren’t updating your store enough.
  4. Your product photos are unprofessional or unappealing.
  5. Your product descriptions focus too much on describing the products rather than building desire to own the product.
  6. You have no product reviews yet, or your reviews are negative. (Or worse, you have reviews that are clearly purchased / fake.)
  7. Your brand is not on social media. (Yes, this does matter.)
  8. Your brand, including your products, are not unique or original. If you don’t stand out, potential customers will probably prefer a competitor who does stand out.
  9. Your prices are too low.
  10. Your prices are too high.
  11. Your customer support is lacking.
  12. You make it about you.
  13. You’re too pushy.
  14. You don’t offer enough options for payment.
  15. You’re so focused on conversions that you’re not actually convincing visitors to WANT your products.


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