YouTube Updates Policies To Address Dangerous Or Harmful Pranks

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YouTube is a Google-owned video sharing platform that has gained millions of users all over the world. From DIYs to MTVs to Pranks and Challenges, YouTube has it all and people of various ages can easily access these videos with just a few clicks. Based on the number of views, we can say that pranks and challenges are one of the most viewed clips on YouTube. But, contributors should also be responsible for every content that they are making because it could have a significant impact on the lives of many people.   


YouTube Updates Policies To Address Dangerous Or Harmful Pranks


In the past years, YouTube has failed to enforce its rules on harmful content even though they claimed that such materials have no place on their site. Now, they are working aggressively in updating their policies to address the concerns of many people about video clips that depict dangerous or emotionally distressing pranks that contributors are posting to get more viewers’ attention and for monetization.

Recently, a challenge inspired by a scene in Netflix show “Birdbox” involved activities such as driving while blindfolded could pose a threat not only to the life of the one who is doing the video but to the lives of other people as well because they could become a victim of that irresponsible act. And due to the increasing posts of similar dangerous or harmful prank videos, YouTube came out with a notice that said: “We recently announced updates to our policies regarding dangerous challenges and pranks. Challenges that present an apparent risk of death are not allowed on YouTube. Content that features a child participating in dangerous challenges that pose an imminent risk of injury or bodily harm is also not allowed on YouTube”.

The videos that YouTube considers as encouraging dangerous or illegal activities include - bomb making, challenges that encourage acts that could lead to severe physical harm, pranks that make victims think that they are in physical danger, pranks that may cause emotional distress to children, use of prohibited drugs, and other similar videos. Definitely, something needs to be done to control such activities on this popular site, and it must be done ASAP to prevent more lives from being wasted.

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