Windows 10 Users Need To Reserve 7GB Or More For Updates

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The soon to be released new Windows 10 update will require 7GB or more for updates, and some of its users are not happy with it especially those that have extremely low on storage space. The notice that Microsoft sent also comes with a warning as it will take up a sizeable amount of space to be used as reserved starting with build 1903.  

Windows 10 users can expect that when the update arrives in spring, Microsoft will eat up a considerable amount of space to make room for updates, temporary files, applications, and caches to lessen the risk of running out of available storage.


window 10 need 7 gb space for update


This change was brought about by the issues that came out during the October 2018 update wherein some user files have gone missing. At present, when a user has filled up all of their available storage space, Windows is likely to run into a problem. Applications and services could fail and begin to malfunction which can cause a lot of inconvenience to the user. So, to prevent this from happening, adding a storage reserve is needed. It will not only eliminate these issues, but it can also help improve the overall stability of the system.

According to Microsoft, the reserved portion will start at 7GB in the next major update, but still, it may change over time. If the time comes and there are other major updates to come out that will require a larger space than what was allocated, then the reserved amount can be increased. Should there be any issue like availability of space, Microsoft will assist the user in temporarily extending the storage capacity using external storage or additional hard drive so that he can proceed as usual without removing files from the current hard drive.

This new Windows 10 update is not a problem for most people having a large storage capacity because it won’t have much impact on the performance. Instead, they can just look at the benefits that this update could bring them in the long run. But, for those people who are only using low-priced laptops with only 32GB of flash storage, they are the ones that are likely to deal with severe storage capacity crisis. This is the reason why Microsoft released a notification ahead of time so that they can start looking for ways to free some space and make room for this major update that is coming very soon.


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