Whats app is Giving More Controls To The Admins Of The Groups

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WhatsApp is the most important app of the smartphone, and it’s the messenger where according to the reports, 65 billion messages are sent per day which is almost 29 million messages per minute. The active users are roughly around one billion on a daily basis, and do you know that nearly 2 billion minutes are spent creating voice notes and video calls in one day?





WhatsApp today is working on the ability to stop or block the frequently forwarded messages in groups. So that the admins of the groups can easily prevent messages with frequently forwarded tag, the feature will be rolled out in some time and will only be visible to the admins of the groups under group settings. Also, in the new update, they will be adding support for WhatsApp for iPad, and soon there will be features like the split-screen view and landscape mode available for iPad. The feature to stop people from sending frequently forwarded messages to groups is also under development.

After the latest release of WhatsApp iOS beta version, the app for iPad is spotted under development. The app will not be available for iPad users in the App store for a while but will arrive soon. WhatsApp is released in the beta version for testing, and after some time, it is available for commercial use. The audio picker feature that was in the development phase in January is also available in the beta version, this is where you can select up to thirty audio files and send them on one tap plus you can also preview the audio files before sending.

The iPad app will have the identical features as the app on iPhone with the support of touch ID, but the camera tab will not be available in iPad, it can only be found in the iPhone app. There is a chance that the developers will add this feature to its upcoming update and there are no official announcements on when they are planning to release it yet.

Also, according to the WABetaInfo, the company who is working on the developments of WhatsApp has shared Fast news that said, WhatsApp is going to allow all of its users to share their status updates on Facebook as a story.


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