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100+ Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

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VIEWS: 2501 Views CATEGORY: Learn READING TIME: 32 Min To Read UPLOADED ON: 26 Jul 2022

A wedding anniversary is a day in your life that needs to show your love for your partner. Whether you’re celebrating your first marriage anniversary or 20th, you must make sure to cherish your partner in the best possible way.

There are several ways to surprise your loved one on the anniversary day. Whether you are going on a dinner date, planning to cook something special, or visiting a particular place, you’ll need to write a special wish for your partner to double the celebration of your wedding anniversary. Therefore, we are here with this blog to help you find spectacular and extraordinary wedding anniversary wishes, messages, and quotes. 

Go through this list of wedding anniversary wishes till you come across the wish that can bring a million-dollar smile to your partner’s face.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes

 wedding anniversary wishes 1

1. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Anniversary!

 wedding anniversary wishes 2

2. Since the day you entered my life, I’ve never felt so blessed. Wishing you a happy anniversary. May we get a chance to celebrate more and more anniversaries together!

 wedding anniversary wishes 3

3. You have brightened up my days by becoming a constant part of my life. Happy Anniversary, my love!

 wedding anniversary wishes 4

4. In every lifetime, I’ll prefer to find you and fall in love with you. Happy Anniversary, Dear!

 wedding anniversary wishes 5

5. Ever since I got you in my life, I have stopped praying to God for anything, as I have found everything in YOU. Happy Anniversary!

 wedding anniversary wishes 6

6. My life was surrounded by dark clouds until you came into my life as a bright shining star. Happy Anniversary, Love!

 wedding anniversary wishes 7

7. This day is the second-best day of my life; the first one is the day you were born. Thank you for existing, and thank you for choosing me. Happy Anniversary!

 wedding anniversary wishes 8

8. I hope the love we have for each other lasts for the rest of our lives. Happy Anniversary, My Love!

 wedding anniversary wishes 9

9. Before I met you, I didn’t know where my life would lead me to. But by entering into my life, you set me on the right path. I love you; Happy Anniversary!

 wedding anniversary wishes 10

10. Time flies so fast. We are completing one year of togetherness today. I hope we get to see more and more years with each other. Happy Anniversary, Dear!

 wedding anniversary wishes 11

11. May the connection, love, and bond we have built over the years last forever. Happy Anniversary, My Love!

 wedding anniversary wishes 12

12. May this new chapter of togetherness brings us closer to each other. Happy First Anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes 13 

13. I can’t be more thankful to God for bringing you into my life. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

 wedding anniversary wishes 14

14. I wish that you get all the happiness in the years to come, and may all your dreams come true. Happy Anniversary!

 wedding anniversary wishes 15

15. You made me complete; I cannot ask for more. Happy Anniversary, Darling!

Pro Tip: When you are done selecting a wish, quotation, or message for your partner, you can use it on a wedding anniversary invitation card. Use the invitation maker to create custom wedding anniversary invitations for your friends, family members, and anyone else. You can also add your favourite quote, message, or wish to make your loved one feel special.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Template

Wedding Anniversary Messages

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 1

1. I’ll never stop loving you until the day I die. Happy Anniversary, my love!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 2

2. I appreciate and adore everything about you. There’s nothing I wish to change as you are entirely flawless. Happy Anniversary, darling! Stay same!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 3

3. I’m grateful for each moment I have spent with you. Looking forward to many more. Happy Anniversary, dear!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 4

4. The pureness in our love can’t ever end. Wishing you a happy anniversary; may this and the coming years bring all the happiness in your life. 

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 5

5. You are the only person I need by my side every day and night for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 6

6. I’m glad that you became my lifelong companion. May we get to see many more years of togetherness. Happy Anniversary, love!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 7

7. Every new day, I fall in love with you more than yesterday. All the years we have spent together have been the best of my life. Happy Anniversary, my love!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 8

8. I cannot imagine spending this life with anyone except you. It’s been a great time since we both tied our knots. I wish you a very happy anniversary. May our love grow even more in the coming years of our lives.

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 9

9. The kind of love I have for you can’t ever end in this lifetime. It’s been the best year of my life since I got married to you. Happy anniversary, my love!

Wedding Anniversary Messages 10 

10. The beautiful memories we have created every day in the years of our togetherness cannot be explained in words. I’m looking forward to creating more and more with you. Happy Anniversary, Darling. 

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 11

11. Thank you for always believing in me, trusting me, and pouring all your love inside my heart. Happy Anniversary!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 12

12. I’m the luckiest person on this planet because you are in my life. Happy Anniversary to you, my sweetheart!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 13

13. Your love has made me complete, and I hope to be the same for you until I’m alive. Happy Anniversary, love!

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 14

14. Happy Anniversary, darling! Each day spent with you made me fall in love with you even harder than ever. Looking forward to many years of togetherness and happiness with you.

 Wedding Anniversary Messages 15

15. Thank you for standing by my side in all the difficult situations that have come in the past year. Thank you for being my support system. I cannot thank you enough for stepping into my life. Happy Anniversary, dear. I Love You!


Wedding Anniversary Quotes

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 1

1. It’s love when you don’t wish to fall asleep, as reality is far better than your dreams.

Dr Seuss

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 2

2. It’s essential to find the right person, as it is the secret to a happy married life. Someone is right for you when you love to be around them all the time.

Julia Child

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 3

3. For a successful marriage, you need to fall in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 4

4. Forever is a long commitment, but I don’t mind spending the rest of my life by your side.


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 5

5. If I ever picture myself happy, it is always with you!


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 6

6. I like myself better when I’m with you.


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 7

7. It’s great to find a person whom you wish to love and annoy for the rest of your life.

Rita Rudner

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 8

8. Real love stories never have any end.

Richard Bach

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 9

9. You are the person who has taught me what love actually is.

Herman Hesse

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 10

10. Love never lets you get tired and provides you with the strength to deal with all the problems.


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 11

11. I love you, and I’ll keep loving you until I’m alive. If there’s a life after death, I’ll love you then as well.

Cassandra Clare

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 12

12. Let’s grow older together, as the best is yet to come.

Robert Browning

 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 13

13. Talking to you was a choice I made, but falling in love with you was never in my control.


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 14

14. I found my closest companion, truest friend, and the love of my life, all in one person, that is you.


 Wedding Anniversary Quotes 15

15. Forever won’t be right to say, as the extraordinary love we share is immeasurable.


 Anniversary Invitation Template



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