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8 Incredible Uses of QR Codes In Marketing

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QR codes have earned great appreciation in recent times, especially after the upgrade in modern technology. Leading companies use QR codes to connect with their potential customers and support them in accessing information about new products and services. 

From Billboards to magazine ads, QR codes are seen almost everywhere. These codes are majorly used to make contactless payments. The other major uses of QR codes in the marketing field are shared below. 

Business Cards

Most businesses have started incorporating QR codes into their business cards that enable people to scan the code and add business owners’ contact information to their cell phones. Similarly, many online platforms have used QR codes on their websites or the contact page to provide ease to their users. Adding QR codes make business cards sleek, appealing, and innovative. Create a vCard QR code for yourself by using an online QR code generator without paying a single penny.

Customer Surveys

Learning customer behavior is highly crucial for a business to assess their satisfaction levels and determine the areas that require improvement. Previously, businesses used paper-based surveys that required customers to fill out the form and drop it in the mail. However, technological innovation has modified the conventional ways of data collection. Now, with the advent of QR codes, businesses can easily initiate digital customer surveys that are straightforward to carry and don’t require any paper for this purpose. Moreover, many businesses put a QR code on their receipt. Customers need to scan the code, which will open a survey form that they can fill out online. 


 Incorporating QR codes in marketing campaigns has been a common practice in recent days. Companies use QR codes to track the performance of their advertising strategy. Using QR codes, customers can quickly redeem coupons. This also helps a business monitor redemption rates. The method of using QR codes for coupons is quite simple. Businesses generate a unique code for each coupon and attach it to the voucher itself. Customers can avail of the discount once they scan the codes.  

Scan to Pay

QR codes are of high use when it comes to making contactless payments. Businesses from all around the world prefer QR codes to make safe and secure payments. Customers can easily make payments by scanning their QR codes with their smartphones. This is an excellent way to reduce the spread of germs, especially during times of pandemic, and make it simple for customers to pay. Also, it helps businesses to get rid of conventional and outdated payment methods and adopt innovative approaches. 

Join Wi-Fi

Incorporating QR codes help businesses provide ease to their customers to make payments without typing the password. This offers great support to businesses like coffee shops, hotels, and retail stores that need to manage a lot of foot traffic. Using a quick response code, customers can easily pay their bills by connecting to the internet without learning the password. 

On Food Packets

The use of QR codes is immensely observed in packaged food. These codes on food packets allow customers to get detailed information about the recipes and ingredients of the food. Scanning the QR code on a food item will take customers to reach a website or a mobile application to find more information. This practice helps businesses to offer their customers transparency about their food products. Also, this is useful for customers to get clarity about what they are buying and how to use them perfectly. The statistics denote that more than 50% of people scan the QR code on food items to get information about the food product. 

Public Transportation 

The immense popularity and usefulness of QR codes lead transport companies to use this method at bus stops and train stations. In major cities of the world, like London, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, and many more, QR codes are placed at bus stops and train stations so that people can easily scan them and get information about the fares, routes, and schedule of buses and trains. Moreover, many transport companies also use QR codes to access ticket gates.

Clothing and Business 

Many businesses use QR codes to advertise their latest services and grab the attention of their targeted audience. Recent research states that more than 40% of people in the US scanned marketing-related codes to get discount offers. Moreover, many brands add QR codes on their products, like T-shirts, shopping bags, etc., to examine the visits rolling in. Similarly, startups often promote their business by giving away freebies like pens, notebooks, or water bottles, including their company’s logo and website URL to the item with a QR code. But, brands need to ensure QR codes lead people to the most crucial information to convert them into potential customers.


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