Twitter Boss Teases The Idea Of A Button To Edit Tweets

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Since the origination of Twitter in 2006, Twitterians have been asking for edit options to quickly sort out typos or fix incorrect URL in their tweets.

For a long time, CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey hinted toward the efforts of his team for the design of an edit option/button. They stress the necessity to get the things right before releasing this button or testing it. The users still have to wait.


twitter on editing tweets


As per Dorsey, they are trying to describe the working of this button. In an interview, the boss of Twitter said that if this microblogging service ultimately decides to roll out a button to edit tweets. You may not get permission to edit your old tweets. The feature may offer a 5-second – 30-second delay in sending a tweet, after you click a Tweet button, just like Gmail. It means you will not go live until you are allowed to edit a tweet.

In simple words, you will get a few seconds to scan your post and make some changes before going live. Dorsey explained that users often act fast during live events, such as sports games. Different events need your raw suggestions, so a few seconds are enough for people to alter their tweets.

The old descriptions of an edit button suggest users could fix their tweets after posting them. It seems the Dorsey along with his officials is still considering different options. The CEO suggested keeping the original posts, apparently with a button that allow people to view it easily. Permitting post-tweet edit feature means Twitter may have to choose whether to updater retweets of edited posts. Dorsey is concerned that the edit button can distract something from public records. Twitter is considering a function to retain the original posts with offensive slip-up and embarrassing words.

It seems Twitter is interested in testing their edit button at earlier stages. It is difficult to say how this feature will actually work. The company has to test different options that work well with Twitter.


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