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The advent of modern technology and the advancement in the internet has given us the freedom to access numerous portals that can provide us with the information we desire. However, finding unique and inspiring ideas online isn’t a piece of cake these days, as most of the content is already reproduced or presented by someone else. You must have good research skills to get your hands on exclusive and fresh content. Using a free plagiarism checker will be highly useful in grabbing duplication in a text without strenuous efforts. 

Turnitin is considered the best tool for offering multiple advantages, but it does not work in every case. That’s why people look for Turnitin alternatives.  Are you looking for some best Turnitin alternatives for plagiarism checking? Then you are at the right place because this blog post will teach you about some useful tools.


Turnitin Alternatives

You can opt for the following Turnitin alternatives after analyzing their characteristics per your preference. 

1- SmallSEOTools’ Plagiarism Checker

This is the most appreciated alternative to the Turnitin plagiarism checker accessible over the web. is a known platform famous for providing fast and reliable SEO, content management, and website management tools. The plagiarism detector on this website is considered the best tool anyone can find online to check for piracy. The tool is highly suggested to students, professors, and researchers to confirm that their text is free from duplication to avoid nuisance. 

The plagiarism checker on has both free and paid versions. The primary features of both editions are shared below.



Allow 1000 Words at Once
You can upload 1000 words in a single go on this utility to check plagiarism-free. 

Sentence Based Results 
The free duplication finder on gives you list-based, sentence-wise results.

Check Plagiarism via Webpage URL
You can check plagiarism directly from pages for free.

Highlights Document View
You can also get the full document plagiarism check results, including a percentage of original and plagiarised content. 

Offers All the Matched Resources
The plagiarism check helps you find a source with similar content to your uploaded text. 

Percentage of Unique and Duplicate Text
You will get exact percentages of unique and plagiarised content that allow you to analyze content’s performance properly. 


Upload Massive Amounts of Text  
Users can enter up to 30,000 words in a single query.

No Ads
The premium account holder won’t have to go through the hassle of ads that often pop up on the screen.

Deep Search 
This similarity checker offers a deep search (the Algorithm will dive deep and compare the text with millions of web pages to fetch the most accurate and comprehensive results). 

Multiple File Support
It allows you to upload files of .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx,. odt, .pdf, .rtf without facing any complexity.

Get Detailed & Accurate Results 
You will be given a detailed plagiarism check report that includes percentage results and sentence-wise results. 

Multiple File Upload
Users are allowed to upload multiple text files at once to check for plagiarism. 

Rephrase Text
You can get a utility on this tool to rephrase a text and make it plagiarism-free. Users can rephrase the plagiarised text to make it fresh and unique.

Grammar Check Facility 
The grammar checker on this tool instantly helps you find all the spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes. 

Multi-Platform Integrations 
API integration
and WordPress Plugin are also available.



Another popular plagiarism checker helps you find duplicate content by adding the URL or pasting content. The super-friendly interface of this online utility makes it the first choice of millions of people who are searching for a Turnitin alternative for grabbing duplication. The tool offers free and paid versions, and people can swiftly choose any of them according to their requirements.



Word Limit
Users can enter 1000 words at once in the accessible mode of this plagiarism detector. 

Plagiarism Check by URL 
You can find the duplication in a website’s content by entering its URL in the given box. 

Exclude URLs
Users are allowed to exclude particular URLs.

Source of Text
The utility lets you get your hands on the source of copied text.

Results in Percentage 
You can get the percentage of fresh and plagiarised text in the content. 

Offers Downloadable Reports
The detailed plagiarism report can be saved with a single click. 


Upload Text in Bulk 
25,000 words can be uploaded in a single turn
Multiple URLs Exclusion 
Premium users can exclude multiple URLs from the plagiarism detection procedure. 

99.99% Uptime
This tool is available 24/7 for all users from any corner of the planet. 

All text file formats supportive
Users can upload text file formats like .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx,. odt, .pdf, .rtf on this facility and check duplication in the text. 

Article Rewriter
You can also rephrase the duplicated article with the article rewriter on this facility without typing a single word. 


The plagiarism checker available on is highly in demand among writers, professors, and researchers because of its fast processing. The tool scans your text and provides flawless duplication check results in a few instances. The features you can get in free and paid editions are discussed below.


Word Count Limit
The users can upload 1000 words at once to check for plagiarism. 

Check via URL
The tool allows you to find duplication in content by inserting a webpage’s URL. 

Similarity Percentage
With this tool, you can find the percentage of plagiarised and unique content in your uploaded writing. 

Plagiarised Sources
This duplicate checker has advanced algorithms that detect the source of the plagiarised text within a blink of an eye. 

Highlights Duplication
Once you upload the text to check for plagiarism, the tool processes it and highlights all the sentences matched with other sources from its database. 

Multilingual Support
Users can find duplication not only in English writing but also in Español, Português, русский, Deutsche, Italiano, Indonesia, العربية-AR, Turkish, Dutch, Tiếng Việt, French, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian.


Check-Up to 10,000 Words
The premium version of this plagiarism tool allows you to test 10,000 words in a single attempt. 

Upload Multiple Files Formats
You can upload many files at once on this tool to check for plagiarism. The tool supports different file formats like .tex, .txt,.doc., Docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf.

Custom PDF Reports
The similarity checker gives you detailed plagiarism reports in PDF format.

Check grammar and Rephrase the Text.
If you find any plagiarised text in your writing, you can rewrite it with the rephrasing text utility and check its grammar. 


People associated with SEO or content writing must be familiar with The online facility is famous for offering secure and reliable tools that help them manage their sites, improve SEO, and create high-quality content. The plagiarism checker on this website is also second to none. The primary features are stated below.


Check Significant Words at Once
You can check 1,500 words in a single attempt and find out if there is any duplication in the text.

Unlimited Queries
The tool doesn’t restrict its users by offering a limited number of queries. Users can check plagiarism in unlimited files on this website. 

Check Plagiarism by URL
Want to check the plagiarism of a webpage’s content? You can upload its URL in the given box and detect duplication in its text straightaway. 

Exclude URLs
If you don’t have any URLs to exclude from the plagiarism check process, you can add them in the mentioned box. The tool allows you to insert up to 5 URLs to exclude in a single go. 

Multi-Language Capability
On assists you in finding duplications in various languages. For example, you can upload text in English, Español, Português, русский, Deutsche, Italiano, Indonesia, العربية-AR, Turkish, Dutch, Tiếng Việt, French, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian, etc. and detect duplication in it instantaneously. 

Provides Source of Copied Text
This online utility enables you to find the source from where the data is copied.  

Highlighted Results
The plagiarised text will be highlighted in red, and unique text will be displayed in green.

Sentence and Document View
You will get a sentence and document-wise plagiarism check results to observe the performance of the writing adequately. 



Whether you are a student, lecturer, researcher, or working in the corporate sector, this utility is equally helpful. The modern and Artificially intelligent algorithm scans a text and detects any minor duplication within a few seconds. The prominent features of paid and free modes of this plagiarism checker are as follows.


A considerable number of words
Upload up to 800 words in a single query and analyze its uniqueness. 

Exclude URL
The similarity checker allows you to eliminate specific URLs from the plagiarism testing process. 

Unique and Plagiarized Content
This facility provides a complete report highlighting unique and plagiarised text in different colors. For example, the red text will denote duplicated, while the green defines unique text. 

Sentence Wise
The tool will examine your uploaded text sentence-wise and provide you with the results in the same structure to help you get familiar with the duplicated sentences. 

Document wise
The document view of this utility shows the entire content while highlighting the exclusive and copied piece of text or sentences.

Text Analysis Stats
You will be given the comprehensive text analysis statistics in the plagiarism report. 

Download and Share Reports
The complete similarity check report can be downloaded with a single tap. You can share that on different platforms as evidence. 



Multiple Affordable Plans
The premium plans on this duplication checker are economical and lower than all other paid duplication checkers available online. You can choose any plan as per your desire and affordability. 

Up to 30k Words
You can paste up to 30,000 words at once to check for duplication. 

Batch search
The plagiarism-checking process will work even if you close the tab. You will get your plagiarism report in the report section. 

Citation Assistant 
You can get adequate assistance in citing a source properly—the tool assists in citing a source in MLA, Chicago, and APA styles. 

Grammar Check
Premium users can also check for grammar mistakes in their writing with the grammar check utility. 

Gives Original Text Source
The tool will provide you with the source of the plagiarised text and enables you to compare the results manually. This feature also allows you to find copycats using your content. 

Rephrase Text 
Are you running short of time to deliver the content? The rephrase text utility can rewrite sentences and phrases within a few seconds. 

Multiple User Login
The premium account of the plagiarism detector allows multiple users to log in. Several people can use the same account from different sizes without any hurdles. 

Support Multiple Languages
Writers from different parts of the world can equally take advantage of this piracy finder. Besides English, you can check plagiarism in Español, Português, русский, Deutsche, Italiano, Indonesia, العربية-AR, Turkish, Dutch, Tiếng Việt, French, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian, etc.


RewriteGuru brings the best for you. People from various fields of life can use it. It uses AI technology to check plagiarism. The free and paid features of this plagiarism checker are given below.


A defined number of words
Check plagiarism of up to 800 words in one go. 

Highlight Plagiarized Content
This facility highlights plagiarised sentences to differentiate between original and unique content.  After plagiarism checking, sentence-wise results are displayed on the screen.

Percentages of plagiarised and unique content
It shows the percentages of plagiarised and unique content. It also provides you with the sources of plagiarism. 

Downloadable Reports
A complete plagiarism report can be downloaded with a single tap.  



Multiple Affordable Plans
The premium plans on this checker are the most affordable available online. You can choose any plan as per your wish. 

Up to 10k Words
You can check up to 10,000 words at once for duplication. 

Grammar Check
Premium users can perform grammar checks to eliminate grammar mistakes in writing.

Matched Text Source
The tool will provide you with the matched sources to identify plagiarism.

Article rewriter
The article rewriter utility can help you rewrite up to 30k words. It is also available in multiple languages and modes.

Support Multiple Languages
Our tool can check plagiarism in Español, Português, русский, Deutsche, Italiano, Indonesia, العربية-AR, Turkish, Dutch, Tiếng Việt, French, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian, etc.


Final Words 

Plagiarism has become a serious issue that has spread to various fields of life. The easy access to digital devices makes it easy for anyone to copy the content from a website and present it as their own. This act is wholly unethical and against the norms of writing. Furthermore, there are severe consequences that one may have to bear due to plagiarism. The websites that have plagiarised content may get deindexed. Search engines like Google also have a strict policy against plagiarism. The sites, including duplicated text, may get thrown to the bottom of search engine results pages. 

The shared plagiarism-checking websites are the most reliable online facilities that you can use to find plagiarism in an article. The advanced features of these online facilities also enhance the quality of the content by providing grammar check utilities. You can try these highly reliable plagiarism utilities and get settled with the one that fulfills your requirements. 


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