New Bluetooth Feature Allow To Find Precise Location Of Devices

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We already know that Bluetooth can find phones nearby and connect to them in order to send files through radio waves. The range of Bluetooth is divided into three classes; class one can reach up to hundred meters, type two is the one which is commonly used in headphones, etc. with a range of up to thirty meters and then there is Class C with a range of ten meters. Soon with a planned update, Bluetooth will pinpoint devices instead of just connecting and exchanging data.


New Bluetooth Feature Will Allow You To Find Precise Location Of Devices


The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) which is the standards organization that administers the licensing and development of Bluetooth standards has announced a feature that will be added to its update. Version 5.1 will have the capability to find the exact direction of where the Bluetooth device is present or headed.

Bluetooth location features will help several industries. Bluetooth can connect to other devices and learn their location when they are near but what if we want to find the exact location of the device. Let’s say you forgot the location of your other cellphone and can’t find it. The new version will not only be able to connect and say that the device is in range but also will pinpoint it and give you the directions.

According to Special Interest Group, the location services will reach almost above four hundred million devices this year. This update will bring precise accuracy to location services and also your phone will be able to guide you better when you are in the market.

There is no timeline suggested by (SIG) about when this new technology will be available to businesses and consumers, but we are hoping to see it soon.

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