How to Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media?

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Brands rely primarily on content for digital marketing. Hence, you will see business and digital marketers spending a lot of time on content generation for marketing. However, an effective content marketing strategy follows a simple yet impactful rule. 

This rule can be shortly described as the 80/20 rule. 80 and 20 here refer to the percentage of time and effort marketers should put into two different tasks. 80% effort should go into the task of creating quality content for marketing and branding purposes, while the rest, which is 80%, should go into the act of promoting the generated content across various channels.

Now the question is how you can promote the same content across various channels. A simple answer is by repurposing it. Unfortunately, some people are not aware of the term repurposed content. For those people, the simple definition is, it is the type of content that is altered from its original form to fulfill the requirements of another marketing goal. 

The crucial factor to consider here is the verification of content originality. It might happen that you have accidentally copied the exact words. This can be harmful to you.

While repurposed content can be used effectively for email marketing, it finds its frequent use in social media. However, many digital marketers are still reluctant to use repurposed content for social media because they are unaware of effective methods for this purpose. 

This unawareness regarding the use of repurposed content across various social media platforms is forcing digital marketers and brands to invest double their money, time, and effort. They spend additional money, time, and effort to generate content for branding across various social media platforms. 

This activity not only adds up to the budget required for branding but also the manpower needed for the same purpose. Hence, the best way to fulfill branding requirements on social media is to repurpose the best content picked from your blog. Here we will discuss a few methods to help you understand how you can make it possible. Read on to learn more. 

In-Depth Review of Your Blog Content

When it comes to repurposed content for branding and promotion of your trade across various social media platforms, an in-depth review of your blog content is a must. Going through the title, headlines, and intro won’t serve the purpose. You have to pay attention to every single sentence and word to figure out which sentence or phrase fits your requirements for branding purposes on a particular social media platform. Don’t just go through the content; obtain information to have unblemished repurposed content for social media.

The best way to ensure you have the right content to be repurposed on social media is to take notes while thoroughly reviewing a particular blog post. You need to keep an eye out for highlights featured in a specific blog post. This highlight could be some sort of data, stories, quotes, one-liners, or statements capable of compelling the target audience. Your job is to find bold, provocative, counterintuitive pieces of content from the blog post. Once you find such elements and have them jotted down as notes, it is time to figure out the right one for use on social media. 

Reword the Noted Lines

Once you are done with the process of going through a blog post related to your brand, it is time to think of repurposing it. The process of repurposing starts with the task of altering content from its original form. 

You can do it by asking your editors or rewriters to change the wording while keeping the meaning of the content the same. It is better to assign the rewriting task to the same writer who wrote the original content, as original authors are more familiar with the content and capable of rewriting it impeccably. However, it is worth mentioning that manual rewriting can take up much time and effort.

Moreover, rewriting is scintillating trade which is not everyone’s cakewalk, even experienced writers fail. They will likely make mistakes while rewriting or even changing the meaning of the content. Hence, making it difficult for you to achieve the objective through repurposed content. The best way to deal with this situation is to use the best AI-based article rewriter. The tool should be capable of using AI to understand the contextual meaning of content. Moreover, the tool should be efficient enough to rewrite content by replacing significant words with their suitable synonyms and altering sentence voices to ensure a natural tone. 

Use article rewriter to change wording

Type Selection for Repurposed Content

After noting highlights from blog posts or long-form content and rewriting it, it is time to select the type you will be using to promote your brand using repurposed content. You can use various types of content to promote your brand through repurposed content.

The selection of the type of content generally depends on its length and the social media platform you will be using to promote your brand. For instance, an infographic would serve the purpose effectively if you want to use valuable data figures from your blog post. 

If you want to promote statements from your blog post, quote graphics will be the perfect type. Similarly, you can also discuss important information from your blog post to repurpose your published content. However, not all information from blog posts can be repurposed in the form of live webinars or podcasts. 

Another way of repurposing content can be presenting highly valuable information from your blog posts in the form of questions on suitable social media platforms. You can also use the repurposed content as the script for short informational videos for social media platforms known for short videos. 

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Another thing you need to consider while repurposing your long-form content from blog posts is the social media platforms where you will be promoting your brand. 

Choosing the right platforms for the content you are looking to repurpose is a tricky task. First, you have to come up with perfectly tailored content for every platform. Moreover, you have to consider which social media platform will help you more effectively in promoting your long-form or blog post content. 

Some popular platforms where you can use repurposed content are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Quora.

Here we will discuss how you can use these social media platforms to promote your blog post content in repurposed form. 

Coming first is Instagram, where you can post infographics containing valuable data in an organized form to promote your blog content. Then comes Facebook; you can use repurposed content of various types here because of the versatility this platform offers. You can post infographics here with the URL of related blog posts as a caption. 

Additionally, you have the option to share concise videos showcasing daring content derived from your blog posts. If you find a particular video appealing, you can utilize a video downloader to acquire it.

Moreover, you can post short videos featuring bold content from your blog posts. If you find an appealing video of your competitor on social media you can get it by using the video downloader. Short videos can also be posted on TikTok. Pinterest will also allow you to pin Infographics. Finally, Quora allows you to post repurposed content through questions and answers.  

Putting it Together

In addition to creating quality content, you must put effort into the task of repurposing it. Social media could be the right gateway to build a trusted relationship with your audience through repurposed content. 

This strategy will help you repurpose and promote your blog content effectively. We have discussed a few steps to help you repurpose your blog content on social media and achieve desired results through it. Hopefully, you will have a lot of takeaways after reading this blog. We wish you luck with the process of repurposing your long-form content!



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