How to Compress Images into Different Sizes?

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Compress Your Image File into Different Sizes 1
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Images are used everywhere, from social media to eCommerce websites, creating business presentations and documents. Sometimes, the images communicate the message effectively; other times, they are required by different platforms. But one thing is sure; you need them off and on.

However, not every image is useful for people in this digital world. Only images with high resolution and greater quality are effective in most cases. But there is a problem with high-quality photos; their large file sizes. Pictures with large sizes can slow down the website, take a lot of time to load, and enhance the overall file sizes where they are added. And that's where image compression can come in handy.

Before coming to the actual topic, have a look at what image compression is and why it is essential in some cases!

What is Image Compression?

Image compression is the process of reducing image file sizes. The goal of photo compression is to make files smaller and optimize them for various platforms.

There are two types of image compression:

 Lossless compression:

 Lossless compression refers to compressing picture sizes without reducing their quality. In this method, the compression tools usually remove unnecessary elements from the pictures that don't affect the overall picture quality.

 Lossy compression:

 On the other hand, lossy compression refers to the method of compressing images where some elements of pictures are removed, which makes a picture detailed and high-quality. Lossy compression is commonly used in multimedia applications where some loss of quality can be tolerated in exchange for reduced file size.

Benefits of Compressing Images  

Here are some of the top benefits of reducing digital image file sizes:

  • Optimize images for websites
  • Maintain website speed
  • Save storage space
  • Speed up content delivery
  • Reduce the file sizes where images are added

Tools to Compress Images into Different Sizes

Tools to compress images into different sizes

Here are some of the best tools to compress your pictures to your desired size.

1. Compress JPEG to 200KB

It is a must-have tool for you if you want to upload a picture to a social media platform or your personal website. This online image compressor allows users to optimize images according to their needs. So, whatever the reason is, if you want to reduce pictures up to 200KB, it's the perfect solution.

Although the tool's name confuses people, it supports other image formats. For instance, if you have a picture in PNG or JPG format and you want to squeeze it, you can still use Compress JPEG to 200KB.

2. Compress JPEG to 100KB

Usually, when you apply for a job using a job portal or want to upload your images somewhere, the platforms require you to upload pictures with no more than 100 KB in size. Moreover, they also demand that the photos must be in JPEG format.

In this case, Compress JPEG to 100KB is the best tool you have. As the name suggests, this tool can compress your pictures up to 100KB. The benefit of using this online tool is that it doesn't ruin the picture quality as many other tools do. Instead, it eliminates all the photos' unnecessary elements and preserves the quality.

3. Compress JPEG to 50KB

Compress image to 50KB is designed to help all those users who want to reduce picture sizes by up to 50 KB. Like other tools mentioned above, this tool also leaves a minimal impact on the pictures' quality and reduces their sizes.

It also allows users to compress multiple images simultaneously. In fact, by using this tool, you can reduce the file sizes of up to 20 pictures. That's why many users who frequently need to optimize their pictures prefer it over other tools.

4. Compress the Image to 20KB

And lastly, if you want to squeeze your pictures to an extreme level with minimal effects on their quality, compress image to 20KB is a tool you should try. Before the invention of this tool, many users usually compress their pictures multiple times to take them to this extreme.

However, now you don't need to compress images multiple times. Instead, open this tool, upload the picture to it, and it will do the rest of the job.

Moreover, this online compressor has an excellent user interface that allows users to immediately find what they have to do to compress their files.

Image Compression Steps

Many software programs, websites, and applications have been developed to assist users in optimizing file sizes. These photo compression tools are effortless to use for everyone. Even those who have never used such tools can also utilize them and compress their pictures without any nuisance.

However, for your ease, here are the easy steps to compressing digital pictures:

  • Open the platform you want to use for picture compression
  • Upload the image/images you want to compress
  • Press the button to initiate the compression process
  • Press the "Download" button

That's how easy it is to compress images. Even if you want to compress multiple photos, the whole process will take only a few moments


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