Game of The Year: Google Launches Game on Google Search Trends

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If you have gone through Google search trends, you might have noticed that this year they have created a game instead of releasing a collection of top search trends. This is the first time the company has introduced a game entirely based on the search criteria. And we love it!
It is easy to play, all you have to do is collect points by answering the questions based on this year’s trends, if you are answering correctly, you will be rewarded with points. You can use those points to unlock more mysteries, and the questions will get difficult as you progress through the game. Then there is a special round also called the 'Bonus Round' which has tougher questions and if you answer incorrectly three times the game is over, and you will be playing the game all over again.
It is an easy multiple-choice game. If you are wondering what kind of questions it contains, well it consists of questions based on this year's most searched keywords. Well, it can be a guess, but we all know if it was some soccer or cricket match what people would search for more.

game of the year

When you are playing and are answering correctly, you will be given a bonus round which will keep on appearing unless you lose and go back to the first question. Each time you lose and start playing the game again, you will be facing new challenging questions. All the bonus rounds are based on a topic where you have to choose which search trended the most or trended less.
There is a time limit of ten seconds on each question and if you fail to answer correctly three times, you will lose and will have start all over again. In this time frame, you can’t even look up for an answer I have tried and failed. Questions are mostly based on celebrities, sports, events, food recipes and a lot more. This game works on all computers and, and you are amazing if your hands are fast enough to search for the correct answer in ten seconds.


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