5 Quick But Hot Black Friday Marketing Ideas You Should Try

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Want some quick, hot Black Friday marketing ideas to increase your sales, engagement, and revenue? We've got you covered!

Black Friday is always a time when shoppers both online and offline get excited about emptying their wallets on discounted deals. But guess what? Black Friday is also a great time for smart entrepreneurs and online business owners to make serious sales and money. And Black Friday is now not just an American thing, it's a global phenomenon. 



As a brilliant entrepreneur, don't let this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday pass you by without jumping into the sales galore. I mean, the atmosphere is buzzing, the buyers are ready, their wallets have been loaded. And even evidently, data from Black-Friday Global finds that if a regular Friday is compared to a Black Friday, the sales increase by 624% and this is only a global average.

Now what? What in the world could make you not to key in and take advantage of that? Oh yeah… the right marketing ideas? Today you're in luck because we're about to take care of that!


Here are some hot Black Friday marketing ideas and tips you should try this year:




Having an hourly deal encourages spending and keeps customers coming back again and again. That's exactly what you want, right?


How do hourly deals work?


You can have one main offer that is active through all of the Black Friday sales, say like 20% off everything. But then you offer, say, 50% off of a certain product or a service, that is valid only for an hour. After that, you select another product or a different deal.


Here's an example:



This strategy is particularly useful for high-traffic websites or stores.




I'm talking about fun or informational Black Friday content to go on your website and social media. It could be a fun Black Friday video, photos of your Black Friday office decor/team's Black Friday wears, or even a Black Friday-related blog post like this one you're reading right now.

One content type that works well for Black Friday is sharing a gift idea list or shopping idealist with your audience.


Here are some examples:


  • 50 XYZ to Buy This Black Friday

  • Don't Miss These 10 Awesome Items This Holiday

  • 20 Must-Have XYZ for [Target Market]



This type of content helps customers (particularly first-time novices shopping for gifts for their friends) to find you during the holiday season, giving them a sense of direction for shopping for gifts while also immediately presenting your products as the go-to choice.



This could be on your website or on social media but aimed at promoting your business. Examples of techniques you can use include:


  • "Retweet to at least 10 of your contacts"

  • "Subscribe to our email list to enter"

  • "Entry with the most likes wins"


This is a smart way to go viral on social media on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday :-)

Here's an example of sweepstakes:



Typically, contests are used with the primary purpose of attracting interest to your brand and creating a buzz. So apart from making great sales, you'll also be able to grow your online presence in the form of Facebook followers, Twitter fans, email subscribers, and blog readers.




It's not enough to launch a Black Friday deal. You have to make a conscious effort to promote your offer while the shopping frenzy lasts. In fact, one study finds that 90% of users that plan to shop online will compare deals and discounts. What does this mean? Ensure your offers are readily available online and easy to find.

Start by putting something Black Friday-ish in your company's logo or put a Black Friday theme on your website. Here's an example from Amazon.com:



Here are some promotional tactics you can steal:


  • Promote via email to both your previous and potential customers. Great if you have an email list.

  • Post it everywhere on social.

  • Invest in paid ads. Normally, this pays for itself several times over.

  • Optimize your landing page and Black Friday content for specific keywords. Shoppers often would scour the search engines to find deals they can snatch. Getting your SEO in order makes you more visible to buy-hungry shoppers.

  • Create a GIF or video of products that will be on sale with reference to their reduced pricing.

  • Start promoting your offer days before the big day. Google's stats find that 61% of shoppers will start the search for deals in the days leading to Black Friday.

  • Have a landing page that is dedicated to Black Friday and leave it online all year long. Why? Because that way, you’ll have a better SEO as the page will be a regular on your website and not just a one-timer with Google. This will help you show up in searches for Black Friday better than competitors who only create landing pages a week before Black Friday.




Typically, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers, which means retailers often heavily promote their stores while greatly reducing prices to entice buyers. Selling your products or services at a special discounted price entices shoppers to throw in their wallets.



You may choose to do any of the following:


  • If you have a loyalty program for your most committed customers, you can offer them a special VIP exclusive discount during the Black Friday weekend.

  • Offer Black Friday bundles where your products are bundled together as a way to sell more.

  • Create a coupon code and share it with your target audience as well as your referrers or affiliate marketers.

  • Add reasonably priced items to every purchase made during the Black Friday through Cyber Monday period (items that work best for this have free or cheap shipping).

  • Implement a buy-one-get-one offer

  • Give a certain percentage off on the price of a particular product.


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