Adios Google Plus: It Was A Great Voyage

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Google plus was launched in June 2011, and people thought that Google Plus is going to be an astonishing social network. Who knew it wasn’t a social network but an identity service according to CEO Eric Schmidt in the year 2011. A facility where people will use their original names which weren’t a requirement but entirely optional. Signing into Google+ no doubt allowed you to learn about all the products of Google which we can say was quite useful but it never gave us the kind of social experience we thought it would. People thought it might become a rival of Facebook, but not all that glitters is gold.


People started using various bot programs to fill the forms for sign-up purposes and to reply in different apps. It became necessary to learn about the person sitting on the other side using the application with the help of various human verification programs. Google Plus was a good idea to bring real people together, but it ended with a massive loss where many identities were stolen, but there hasn’t been a misuse of any of the snatched data according to search engines.

The slogan for this project was real-life sharing rethought for the web, but it wasn’t really used as a social network instead it was used as a medium to stay in contact with co-workers. After the last breach in the Google Plus servers where data of approximately five hundred thousand people got stolen, Google has decided to shut down the service sooner than planned.

People have been wondering when the service is going to shut down completely, a facility this massive with more than fifty million users is not going to close down immediately but will take time, recently they announced that the service of Google+ would end in April 2019, which formerly was going to end in August 2019.

Nonetheless, it was nice having Google+ around all these years!


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