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6 Ways to Use Downloaded Facebook Videos for Marketing

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Ways to Use Downloaded Facebook Videos for Marketing 1
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Facebook is not just a social media platform anymore. It has become one of the largest online video libraries hosting billions of videos. You can watch live streams, reels, Facebook stories, and videos on this platform. These videos are watched by millions of users daily, which leads to billions of watch hours. You can find videos on any topic and niche, such as sports, showbiz, science, education, current affairs, comedy, memes, IT, e-commerce, business, current affairs, politics, history, etc. 

You can download videos from this platform and use them for marketing purposes. Exploring Facebook will help you discover valuable video resources to boost your marketing campaign. Marketers who know the latest trends understand that video marketing is highly effective. It can help you target a wide variety of audiences across the world. Videos can combine the power of text, visuals, and audio, which gets appreciation from the audience.

Video marketing is the new way to enhance conversions because people find it difficult to take out time and read a blog or article to get information. Instead, they can easily watch a video to get all the details about a particular brand, product, or service in a significantly shorter time.

Hence, video marketing content gets more attention and views than text-based content. This blog will discuss the method to download Facebook videos and various effective ways to use them for marketing. Further details are given below:

What is the Method to Download Facebook Videos?

Method to download Facebook videos

Before discussing a few effective ways to use Facebook videos for marketing, it is essential to learn a quick and efficient method to download them across various devices on the go. The conventional method of downloading videos (i.e., video downloading software) won't be practical as you may come across a valuable video that can perfectly fit your video marketing content. 

Alternatively, you may think of downloading Facebook videos with the help of smartphone apps. However, this idea won't be practical as well because these apps are usable on smartphones only. Hence, you need a tool capable of processing Facebook video downloads across various devices. In our opinion, an online Facebook video downloader will do the trick for you. Such a tool is accessible through various devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Here are some steps to use such a tool and download Facebook videos. 

  • Copy the video URL or story you want to download from Facebook.
  • Access the online Facebook video downloader through the browser.
  • Paste the copied URL in the given textbox.
  • After pasting the URL, tap the 'Download' button.
  • The tool will verify the given URL and start downloading the video.
  • Shortly the video will be saved in your device's storage.

Note: The mentioned method can also be used to download Facebook stories. The tool also works as a Facebook story downloader, allowing users to access stories for offline viewing.

Why Do You Need Facebook Videos for Marketing Campaign?

A question like "Why is there a need for Facebook videos in marketing" may come to your mind. Therefore, we have created a separate section to answer such questions in this blog. Just like blogs and articles need a hook in the very beginning to grab the audience's attention and keep it engaged, videos also need a hook to keep your targeted consumers around. Facebook can help you find memes, videos reflecting the problems of consumers targeted by you, or some highly interesting facts. 

Embedding such video clips at the very beginning of your video marketing content can help you grab the attention of your prospects and keep them engaged. Additionally, relevant video content could be used anywhere in the middle of your marketing videos to help your targeted audience understand a particular point. Considering all these requirements, it is obvious that you need the inclusion of Facebook videos in your marketing content to help you give your brand, product, or service a head start.

How to Use Downloaded Facebook Videos for Marketing?

Now we have learned the quick and efficient method for Facebook video download and why we need Facebook videos for marketing campaigns, it is time to discuss a few ways to use them for marketing. Going through these ways will help you understand the importance of video marketing and the content you can obtain from Facebook for this purpose. Read on to learn more.

Repurpose the Video Content

The first and most obvious way of using Facebook videos for your marketing campaign is repurposing them. The task is pretty simple; you just have to rework the video content and use it according to requirements. For example, you can divide a large video into multiple short videos and post them on social media platforms as stories or reels. 

Posting such videos on platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram will help you grab the attention. However, that is not the only way to repurpose the content. If the video you have downloaded consists of facts and figures, you can convert it into an infographic or blog. You can gather all the videos related to a particular niche or subject and create a webinar out of them.

Use Video Testimonials

Regardless of how advanced the marketing has become, consumers still believe in word of mouth. Hence, you should make testimonials from your loyal customer a part of your video marketing campaign. Encourage them to upload their video testimonials and tag your Facebook handle. You can also offer discounts and gifts in return for this purpose.

Once your loyal customers start uploading their video testimonials on Facebook, it is time to use them. First, ensure you get consent from your customers for further usage of videos. Now you can use these video testimonials and show them to targeted prospects for ideal results. Next, you can post these testimonials on other platforms and make a webinar out of them. Finally, post them on landing pages to get more views. 

Share Videos on YouTube

YouTube is accessed by millions of users daily who watch billions of videos on it. You can also create a channel for your brand to promote it and market your products and services. Promote your YouTube channel on your website and other platforms to grab the attention of various audiences. People are always looking for content to get know-how about a particular brand.

You can post reviews and descriptions of your products, insights about your staff's routine, video testimonials of your loyal customers, and an introduction to your brand. The presence of such elements on your YouTube channel will definitely gather the audience's attention, and they will feel the urge to see your video content and know more about it.

Use Videos in Email Marketing

No matter what people say about email marketing, it is still the most effective way to promote your brand, products, and services. Every dollar you spend on email marketing will return up to $40, which speaks a lot about its effectiveness. However, you need to use the latest tricks to get the desired results from the email marketing campaign.

Back in the old days, mere text was enough. However, things have changed significantly these days. Marketers are now using HTML interfaces and video content to ensure the effectiveness of emails sent to prospects and customers for marketing and promotion purposes, respectively. You can also use video testimonials and reviews of your products as relevant stuff with an HTML interface to get desired results.

Create Social Media Ads

The presence of your content on social media can help you enhance your conversion rate significantly. While other types of content play a significant part in helping you make it possible, video plays a crucial role. Posting video regularly on various social media handles definitely help you grab the attention of prospects. However, pushing them to the targeted audience as social media ads is a highly effective method to entice your prospects.

You can make saved Facebook videos a part of your social media video ads. People like to see funny ads that relate to their problems and help them get solutions. Following this strategy will help you generate excellent results from social media ad campaigns.

Add Videos to Your Website

What is the purpose of video marketing content if you are not posting on your website? The modern-day audience needs quality website content to make up their mind regarding purchase from a particular brand. This is only possible when you are giving your best through various content types. Be it text, imagery, or video content, it should be of top-notch quality. 

Videos downloaded from Facebook can help you make your video marketing content highly meaningful. You can borrow a few clips from those videos and make them a part of your video marketing content that is meant to be posted on your website. The organic traffic coming to your website through various sources, such as search engines and social media, will definitely appreciate it, and you will have a better chance of making more conversions.

At the End

Marketing is a broad term that involves various strategies to entice the audience and generate conversions. Video marketing is also one of the strategies used to grab the audience's attention and make them aware of a brand and its products. Video marketing campaigns are doing a great job lately and generating a significantly higher number of conversions. Therefore, brands can use them to get ideal results from their marketing strategies. 

Facebook is a valuable resource that can offer useful videos for marketing campaigns. We have discussed the method of downloading videos quickly, the need to use them, and a few ways for this purpose in detail. Hopefully, you will have a lot of takeaways from this blog and use the above-discussed methods in your video marketing campaigns. We wish you luck with the process!


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