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Kashan Riaz

Content Writer
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Profile Information
Hi there! I’m Kashan, 22. I have majored in Business Administration with Entrepreneurial modules from DMU, Leicester, UK. One of my very first jobs was as a salesperson at Lebara Telecommunications. Fond of writing, therefore, I started writing as a freelancer, now working as a Content Writer at Content Arcade. In my free time, I love to sketch, cook, travel and play music.
Full Name:
Kashan Riaz
Display Name:
Kashan Riaz
Job Title:
Content Writer
Content Arcade
Type of Work:
Content Writer
Favorite Things:
Sketching, Travelling
Member Since:
May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
Technology, Blogging, News
Performance Overview
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Are Foldable Phones The Future Of Phone Industry?
The world of smartphones, 2019 has just started a thrilling introduction of foldable phones. Samsung and Huawei have stepped up a full rivalry....
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Instagram’s Most Used Hashtag #Ad Make Top With 42% Rise In 2018
With a 42% increase in 2018, hashtag #Ad was on top in Instagram marketing. Here\\'s its detail you will love to read....


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