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Technical Writing
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Speak with motivation, write with inspiration, and work with passion is my motto. I’ve been writing since my hidden talent revealed itself in 2015 and began working at Content Arcade in 2018. I love acquiring and sharing knowledge about new developments taking place in this cyberspace. According to me, if you have the ability to do something then be the best at doing it.
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Osama Wasim
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Osama Sheikh
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Technical Writing
Content Arcade
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Favorite Things:
People’s point of view
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May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
The internet and you
Performance Overview
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Netflix Will Increase The Rates Of All Streaming Plans In The US
Netflix will increase prices for all streaming plans in the US soon - new subscribers will be affected immediately....
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Could Area51-M Be The Most Powerful Laptop Ever Made?
Alienware a company owned by Dell launched a gaming laptop (according to them the most powerful one made till now) which was displayed at CES 2019. Alienware specializes in manufacturing Gaming accessories and hardware....
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Google Shopping Products Page Gains New Analytics | SST
Google has made updates to Google Shopping and Manufacturer Center that will allow merchants to enhance their presence....
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Google scheduled to shutting down its “Small Business Community
Google have decided to shut down the message board of small business community. You may dont have access to this feature of google in next few weeks....
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D-Link Launching Water Sensors With Google Assistance
This year In Consumer Electronics Show D Link is going to launch a device with help of Google Assistance which will Sense and alarm water presence. This device will be able to work for months only with AA batteries. ...
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Adios Google Plus: It Was A Great Voyage
Google has decided to shut down its social community G+ in 2019. Its a sad news for google plus users and lovers but google have decided to do so....
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YouTube’s Video Takedown: YouTube Removed 58 Million Videos
Have you read this news about YouTube that YouTue Removed 58 Million Videos for Upload Policy Violation, here\\'s the reason why they did so....
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Facebook Is No Longer The “Best Place to Work”
Its a big news for Facebook lovers that Facebook isnt the number 1 seeking place for jobs, here\'s the survey of glassdoor which explains what and why. ...


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