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Technical Writing
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Speak with motivation, write with inspiration, and work with passion is my motto. I’ve been writing since my hidden talent revealed itself in 2015 and began working at Content Arcade in 2018. I love acquiring and sharing knowledge about new developments taking place in this cyberspace. According to me, if you have the ability to do something then be the best at doing it.
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Osama Wasim
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Osama Sheikh
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Technical Writing
Content Arcade
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Favorite Things:
People’s point of view
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May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
The internet and you
Performance Overview
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Facebook’s Location Privacy Controls Update, Revealed A Secret
Facebook a social networking service updated the apps location controls which are found in the privacy settings, and this update is only for Android users who exhibited agitation on the app continuously sending location data to Facebook in the background....
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Incognito Mode Will Soon Candidly Camouflage Your Web Surfing
Incognito mode is a feature found in Google Chrome to hide/disable browsing history and the web cache. It means a user can surf the internet without being worried about the storage of any data....
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WhatsApp Bans More Than Two Million Accounts Every Month
WhatsApp, a messenger, and voice over IP service owned by Facebook, bans two million accounts without any filed reports or human involvement. ...
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A Bug In Facetime That Apple Couldn’t Discover
FaceTime is a service from Apple for people who use iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac devices. It requires a WIFI or Cellular data connection to make an audio or video call to your loved ones....
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Will There Be A Dark Mode for iOS 13? Rumors Say So!
Apple a company that has revolutionized the world with its stunning architecture of devices and an operating system with high security and safety features is working on a system-wide dark mode which will be available later this year....
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New Bluetooth Feature Allow To Find Precise Location Of Devices
Bluetooth, as you know, is a wireless technology that uses short-wavelength UHF radio waves and enables interconnection of mobile and electronic devices. This tech will soon be able to allow you to look for any devices nearby who have this feature enabled....
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WhatsApp Sets Limit On Message-Sharing To Prevent Fake News
WhatsApp has set a limit on message-sharing to prevent fake news from spreading. The messaging service will block users who will forward messages to large groups or more than 5 recipients....
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SwiftKey Keyboard better In Performance Than Google Keyboard
Gboard is a keyboard by Google for Android phones, it has been dominating the marketing with its unusual swipe feature, but SwiftKey has accepted the challenge and is becoming a favorite keyboard of Android and iOS users across the world. ...


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