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Turn your vector creations into high-quality PNG images in a matter of seconds. Just drag and drop your file into our SVG to PNG converter to get your hands on PNG variants of your SVG files. 



Max Size 5 MB

About SVG to PNG Converter

SVG to PNG converter is a free online tool that quickly converts the visuals from Scalable Vector Graphics to Portable Network Graphics form. This online utility employs state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, it preserves the visual elements, like color, gradient, and text, of the uploaded SVG files during the conversion process. This factor is the major reason for the high-quality results of this SVG to PNG online converter.

The user interface of this convert SVG into PNG tool is straightforward and intuitive. This makes it a breeze to perform the entire conversion process. Therefore, users can effortlessly save their SVG assets for various purposes. 

How to Convert SVG to PNG Online?

If you want to convert SVG to PNG reliably, you will have to use the converter available at SmallSEOTools. Here is the step-by-step approach to using this web utility:

  • Hit the “Upload” button to select and submit your SVG file(s).
  • Once uploaded, tap on the ‘Convert to PNG’ button to begin the conversion process.
  • Our tool will process the uploaded SVG file and generate its PNG output in a flash.
  • Use the given ‘Download’ option in order to save the converted file(s) to your device. 

Features of this SVG to Portable Network Graphic Tool

Our SVG to PNG converter stands out from others because of its distinct characteristics. The following list represents a handful of those key features:

Easy to Use

Using SVG to PNG high-quality conversion tool is really simple. The tool features an intuitive user interface, which eliminates the need for any learning curve. You can benefit from this utility without any technical or graphics knowledge. 

Best Quality

This convert SVG into PNG online tool knows how to preserve color, gradient, and text formatting during the entire conversion process. Therefore, users will always experience top-notch conversion results with this web utility.

Free & Secure

Our SVG to PNG converter offers the advantages of an affordable and safe utility under one roof. It provides its users with an entirely safe conversion platform at no cost. Therefore, users can benefit from the excellent outcomes of this turn SVG to PNG tool for free.

SVG to Transparent Background

Transparent background is a well-known feature of PNG files. Therefore, this vector to PNG converter allows users to instantly obtain transparency in their Scalable Network Graphics assets. 

What is the Difference Between SVG and PNG?

After JPG, two of the most widely used picture formats are SVG and PNG. These two image formats share some similarities. However, people use them for different purposes because of their distinct characteristics. Here is a quick rundown of those unique qualities:

Main File Format Distinction

PNG files consist of pixels. Therefore, they are raster-based images and support lossless compression. SVG, on the other hand, is a vector-based graphics format. Therefore, this format uses mathematical equations to define curves, lines, and shapes.

Size and Resolution Difference

Due to the pixel-based nature of PNG files, they are larger in size as compared to their SVG counterparts. However, since the resolution of SVG files doesn’t depend on the number of pixels, they can be scaled to any size without experiencing quality loss.

Applicability Distinction

Due to the better scalability of SVG files, they are more suitable for responsive designs. But this is not a hard-and-fast rule because some people still use the PNG format for logos and icons due to its better compatibility.


Should I use PNG or SVG for a website?

The choice between PNG and SVG image files for a website depends on various factors. For instance, if you want more scalability for your web designs and faster loading speed, you can use SVG files. You can also use SVG files on a website while dealing with logos, icons, and illustrations. But using the PNG files for raster images and photographs is better.

What is the limit of SVG file size?

Generally, vector files have no size limitations. The same rule also applies to our tool. Therefore, you can upload a vector file of any size into our SVG to PNG converter.

What can I do with a PNG file?

PNG files are ideal for illustrations or complex images. Therefore, you can use a PNG file there if you’re dealing with such a project. 

How to save .SVG as .PNG?

If you want to save a .SVG to PNG format, you will have to use our tool. By simply uploading your SVG file into our SVG to PNG converter, you can save it in the .PNG format.

How to bulk convert .SVG to .PNG?

If you want to perform bulk SVG to PNG conversions, you can rely on the SVG to PNG converter available at SmallSEOTools. It allows you to upload up to 20 images in one and execute this conversion seamlessly.

Is the SVG to PNG tool secure?

Yes. Our tool doesn’t store the submitted graphics on its servers. It instantly deletes the uploaded files upon being refreshed. It is, therefore, totally secure to use this online tool. 

Can I convert SVG to PNG online without losing any information?

Yes. If you don’t want to lose any information while performing SVG to PNG conversion, you can use the SVG to PNG converter on SmallSEOTools.


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