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This Spell Checker enables you to identify and correct the most cumbersome spelling errors with a high degree of accuracy. Enter your text into the text box below and click ‘Check Spelling’ button.

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Check Grammar

about spell check tool

Spelling Checker or word checker, the name might have already given you clear idea of what this tool does. It is a tool that works same as the Google Correct Spelling tool, enabling you to fix the most arduous mistakes with a high degree of precision and speed while improving your English skills.

If you aren’t getting enough comments on your blog posts, there’s an easy solution: misplace a comma!

Grammar Nazis are no joke, and poor grammar or spelling can cost you. It appears sloppy, that hurts your credibility and reputation, so nothing personal but why wouldn’t you use this text correction?

This word checker is free and easy to use, and you can choose which language to base this word checker on for better results. Simply paste the text in the box or upload your file and let the tool do all the dirty work. Not only will the flaws be identified, but you will also get several options for correction right there.

The online text correction is a must have if you’re working with a freelance writer who isn’t fluent in the grammar laws of your native language. It’s just as valuable if you’re proofing a paper and would rather let a tool do your job.

ever wonder how do you spell the word?

Spelling matters! English is a tricky language and often we may come across spelling of a particular word that has very little to do with the way it is pronounced. This is the key reason why people usually misspell words including the native speakers of English. Fortunately or unfortunately spelling errors can tell us a lot about a person other than carelessness. And therefore, it is important to make sure there isn’t any spelling mistake or typos when you write. Now, are you thinking about why does it matter so much? Let me tell you that mostly when you are writing, you are not doing it just for yourself but for readers as well and misspelling can cause you serious trouble other than the bad reputation.

The first and foremost rule of writing is no mistakes and therefore, it’s important to know how do you spell the word. Are you a blogger or a content writer or someone who comes across writing very often then you must know the trouble of spelling errors? There are many ways for you to correct spelling of your text such self proofreading. But these conventional methods can be tiring and that’s where a word correction tool comes into the play. A good spelling checker will not just save your time but also improve the quality of your work.

no more spelling mistakes use our spell checker

The first step towards an error free writing is to check your text for errors and the easiest way is to use a quality checker. Not to worry! You can find many over internet.

SmallSEOTools check spelling can work as a life saver as this spelling and grammar check will allow you to carry out a free tool. Our spell detector can correct even the more serious spelling mistakes with a matchless accuracy. It corrects your spelling mistakes, phonetic mistakes, typos as well as misused words according to the context of a sentence. We are sure that spelling correction has never been this faster and easier before. Amazing, right? You can correct multiple errors with just a single click. Our check spelling works on an advanced, patent-pending technology to modify and correct the mistakes including the mistakes that are usually left undetected by any other spelling correct software.

what mistakes will be corrected with our online text correction?

We’ve already told you that our correct spelling of words tool will work wonders for you. Let’s have a look at the types of mistakes that our word checker will correct for you and their examples:

  • Types: coastle → coastle
  • Phonetic spelling mistakes: djadjimng → judging
  • Irregular verb conjugation: flyed → flew
  • Similar sounding words: where → were
  • Misused words: specially → especially

why should you use our check spelling tool?

If you are looking for a spelling checker to carry out the necessary correction then we’ve got a good news for you. There are many correction software and tools available both online and offline. You can choose as per your requirements, some can require you to sign up or install while others work for free. We are offering you a best text check app, a free tool that works as the Google spell check, letting you check your text for all the mistakes.

It’s time for you to give a try to our tool for your spelling correction and let us know of your valuable feedback, so we could make improvements to our tool.

Other languages: English, русский, 日本語, italiano, français, Português, Español, Deutsche, 中文


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