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Now you can extract text from your images online. Based on OCR technology, our Image to Text Converter will convert your image to a text file. Upload your image and click on Convert!

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Photo to Text Converter, as the name give you a hint, is an online tool or program. With the help of OCR technique, it makes it possible to extract words from the images.

A free Optical Character Recognition software

Converter online translates the characters in a picture into electronically designated characters. You can use an image to word converter online or offline for conveniently get any text you want, straight from the photo itself rather than going through all the trouble of typing.

Picture to Word converter online is a handy service which enables you to upload any image file, analyze the text in it and then convert the typed, printed or handwritten text in the image into the text that you can easily edit on your computer.

OCR is a radical technology when it comes to Image to Text converter online that allows you to scrutinize a photo and recognize the text within the picture which may be written, typed or printed. This text can later be translated and used in your word processor, publishing software, or other text related purposes. OCR is a complex yet most efficient way of the electronic or mechanical conversion of an image into machine-encoded text. Google OCR is generally used in scanned documents, especially apposite for situations wherein you are required to copy from an image, but typing is not what you want.

What an error free software really does is optically recognize and translates each character within a picture or scanned a document into an electronically assigned character. Character recognition process is a complex one, requiring an OCR program matching an image to an electronic version that corresponds to it. The software, program or tool has to identify the font which is used in the image for recreating the document. Sometimes the scanned copies of a document are blurred and low-quality with unrecognizable characters, especially if the original paper copy was of low-quality. In such situations, it is quite difficult for any free OCR software to give you the accurate results which may lead to errors.

No doubt that OCR is a breakthrough in technology but until now they haven’t yet introduced a complete error free software. Nonetheless, advancements are continuously being made in this direction. Today, there are many image to word converter online tools out there that can easily convert your scanned documents or photos into words surprisingly well. One of them is the free Picture to Text converter of SmallSEOTools that includes an advanced functionality and gives its users a platform to quickly translate or convert any text within an image.

Nowadays, there are quite a few free Optical Character Recognition software or image to word converter online. It is certain that you can find one easily. Dedicated team behind SmallSEOTools has also come up with an exceptionally resourceful image to text converter online. Its functionality is the same as Google OCR or any other free software. You just have to upload the photo from which you want to extract the text and then click on “Submit” button. Results will be shown to you within a matter of seconds. There are two ways to enter a given file:

  • Give the image path by entering the URL of the photo
  • Alternatively, you can directly upload the image

Our free photo to text converter online will instantly analyze the words in the uploaded image, converting it into an easily editable text.

With the help of a free OCR converter online, your organization or you individually can convert static pictures to digital text, and so perform an electronic search or any other task for any information which is needed, with instant results.

Using an image to word converter online to digitize your photos and information will make easier for you to locate and extract what exactly you need.

Use a free OCR software today and make your life easy!

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