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It is equally important in both offline as well as online world to write error free, without making those stupid grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes or English syntax errors as communication is the ultimate key to success. For instance, you can’t succeed in the corporate world or get a job unless you have excellent written communication skills and excel in your field. In the academic world error free writing is mandatory for better results. Likewise, in the online world, webmasters, bloggers and writers need to write fluently and free of errors to make sure that the message they are trying to convey is reaching their audience in a proper manner. Hence, proper and error-free content is critical for any of your online services and therefore, it is highly recommended to make your writing go through a grammar checker before submitting the work for a proper spell check and grammar check. Now the problem is that the manual check can take a lot more time than we think. It could be hard to reread your lengthy written piece for a spell check and grammar issues.

Our tool can help you with your text for spelling and grammar check. It helps you to write better by efficiently correcting the text by using the advanced technology for correcting spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and misuse of words with great accuracy. Smallseotools grammar checker will improve your text in the same way as a human reviewer would do. Sounds amazing, right?

Use the most extensive online tool that is available in the market and benefit from single click grammar check while learning more from your mistakes.

Take our word when we say that we are offering you the best and free grammar checker and fixer which will do a vast range of spell check and grammar check for you. Most of the grammar checker tools that are available out there, claiming to perform a spelling and grammar check based on English grammar rules tend to be unable to identify the majority of the spelling and grammar errors; as a result many of the most common writing errors are usually overlooked. In most cases, these free online grammar checkers will perform a spell check and grammar check, flag the errors but do not suggest you the much needed corrections. However, we use the innovative technology to identify the errors and carry out the spelling and grammar check of the text and correct the mistakes with the matchless accuracy. From common errors to the most sophisticated grammatical errors, our free online grammar checker identifies all the errors and corrects them. Spell check and grammar check has never been easier and you will see that yourself. Within just a single click multiple mistakes can be corrected and we assure you that none of your mistakes will be overlooked.

With the use of our tool writing will become easy and quick for you. Never again you will have to ask others for help with English grammar rules. Using this free grammar checker and fixer you can check your text for a proper spelling and grammar mistakes which will greatly help you for learning from your own mistakes, so that you won’t have to repeat them in the future.

Never let grammar errors get in your way again, start using our free tool today!

To use this grammar checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the “Check text” button. Spelling errors are highlighted in red while grammar, punctuation, and syntax among others are highlighted in yellow. Click on the highlight and see the explanation for such error including the correction. You can also opt to reject the detected error by clicking on “Ignore error for this word” in case of spelling mistakes or “Ignore this type of error” for other corrections.

When there are several corrections available, you are encouraged to choose any one of them given options. On the other hand, there are cases when mistakes will be skipped in order to minimize the display of warnings or when the suggested corrections does not perfectly adapt to the context of the text. That is why, we will advise you not to rely entirely on the results that are delivered to you by our tool. It is recommended that you should review the text as well as results after the correction of the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. However, if you are satisfied with the results you can also check your text for plagiarism using our free plagiarism checker tool.

This wonderful tool will allow you to check your spelling and grammar mistakes in an instant. Whether it is an article, a short essay or a formal letter, grammar checker will thoroughly check your entire text for the grammatical errors which are often overlooked by other grammar checking tools or software, making you sound like a native English speaker.

Therefore, this is highly recommended for students, business professionals, bloggers, writers and everyone who wants their grammar improved.

By using this smartest grammar checker, have your grammar fixed confidently, within no time and free of cost. Also you can improve your English skills at the same time. Isn’t it great? So, what are you waiting for? Start using it now and get back to us with your feedback. Your feedback is highly appreciated as it will enable us to improve the quality of our tool and services. Also, if you like our tool, you can recommend it to your friends, family and colleagues.

In computing, Grammar Checker is a utility that allows us to examine a document for grammatical errors. Students, teachers and writers use it to determine the grammatical consistency and accuracy of the text. This application or function is usually included as an additional feature in many word processors. Other than as a stand-alone application and add-on feature, there also are several websites that offer online grammar checking facilities.

Grammar Checker could be a software, tool or a program feature that you may find in a word processor which you can use for inappropriate grammar. It could be an individual software application or an element of a software application. Usually, it is available as a part of a larger application; for instance, Microsoft Word is a software program that has its own built in grammar checker. In Microsoft Word, grammatical errors are indicated with a blue squiggly underline.

Grammar Checker can also enable you to modify the awkward mistakes with high precision and accuracy, improving your written English. When several possible corrections are available then you have to choose one of them. In some cases, mistakes could be skipped, when recommended corrections are not well adapted to the context or in order to avoid the warning display number.

Grammar checking is a complex process and therefore, all available grammar checkers could be close to perfect but they are not perfect. As languages do not obey the rigid grammatical rules and there are many exceptions in natural use, achieving precise grammatical verification is also challenging. Languages are not limited to a specific syntax, with an extensive range of vocabulary; hence, good grammar checkers must also come with a wide dictionary along with their meanings.

In this area, research studies have been more focused on developing efficient algorithms that enable grammar checking on the basis of context for enhanced accuracy. Many online services as well as larger applications such as Microsoft Office have incorporated context-based grammar checking as a feature of their package.

Yet, the overall precision or accuracy of grammar checker is not always up to the mark as most of these tools and applications are likely to find the most repetitive and clichéd errors. Consequently, experts recommend that we should only use them as a tool and must not rely solely upon them for the verification or grammatical correctness of a text.

Whether you are speaking or writing in any language, correct grammar and vocabulary is very essential. When it comes to English language, it becomes even more important to write in a proper manner without making any grammatical errors. If you are someone who struggles with grammatical error free text then you must proofread your work for it. If you are looking for an efficient and quick way to check your text for grammar errors then the best way to do so is by using a grammar checker.

Why you need a grammar checker is quite obvious as a little mistake can either ruin your sentence or change its meaning entirely. It helps by identifying the nastiest spelling or grammar errors in a piece of writing. Students, teachers, writers or professionals, it proves equally useful for everyone. Use one today and explore a whole new world of perfect writing.

Let’s have a look at some of the many advantages:

  • Write without mistakes:

    Proper spelling and excellent grammar is the key to a well written piece of writing. No longer worry about the spelling or grammatical errors, make your content error free.

  • Leave a good impression:

    With correct spelling and perfect grammar; your article, essay or paper is guaranteed to make a difference, leaving a great first impression.

  • Effective for busy people:

    Grammar checker proves specifically helpful for busy people, who lack enough time to proofread whatever they write. Now, they can check their text and become aware of the mistakes without doing it themselves.

  • Good communication:

    It is a known fact that the content you write must be readable as well as valuable to readers. So, it’s important that the message you are trying to give through your piece of writing is conveyed properly.

  • Build confidence:

    No more submission delay for your essay because you fear that it may contain those unidentified mistakes. Let a good grammar checker do the job for you. Trust and be confident!

There always tend to be a few disadvantages along with many advantages. However, in this case, cons are fewer as compared to pros.

  • Complete dependence:

    People who use grammar checkers, often end up relying entirely on these tools or programs. Consequently, they are not making any effort to enhance their grammar skills. They just prefer to make their content go through a tool rather than doing it themselves.

  • Inaccurate Results:

    Remember, not all tools can give you accurate results. You can find hundreds of tools out there but only a few are actually reliable.

Poor grammar is a nightmare for teachers. If students have poor grammar then they certainly double the work of their teachers. Some teachers, when asked about grammar checkers, will immediately tell you how evil they are. This in not because these available checkers put them in the risk of losing their jobs; teachers are and will always be needed. Why most teachers dislike grammar checkers is because they recognize the limitations, fearing that they make students lazy and inconsiderate. Some might think that their paper passed the checker, so it must be fine. That is the issue!!

However, along with many poor quality grammar checkers, there also are some really good ones. Hence, if you are a teacher who is interested in checking students work for grammar errors then a quality grammar checker is highly recommended. You might have to try a few before settling with a good one.

Being a college or university going student comes with high accountability. It implies that you can be assigned with various tasks for expanding and strengthening your knowledge in different academic disciplines. Writing reviews, essays or research papers is an interesting and rich experience but sadly, not every student is able to boast with perfect grammar and high grades.

That is the very reason why some colleges or universities make it mandatory for its students to use grammar checker. There are many grammar checkers for college students available out there.

Spelling & Grammar checker for Microsoft Word can prove quite helpful by letting you make fewer mistakes in text. Word also has a Thesaurus feature which is helpful in finding exact word you are looking for. The built-in grammar checker for Microsoft Word also gives various suggestions for enhancing the sentence structure. However, some of its rules often tend to create confusions with phrases which are otherwise fairly acceptable.

If you are using MS Word’s grammar checker then it is recommended that customize the standard options for increased efficiency.

All Microsoft Office programs offer built-in grammar checker; question arises how to enable grammar checker in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016? Either you can run grammar checker at once or you can check and correct as you work.

How to enable Grammar Checker in Word 2007?

The location of this feature slightly vary as compared to the later versions of the program. For enabling grammar in Word 2007, you just have to follow a couple of simple instructions.

  • Run the Spelling & Grammar check
  • Click on the Review > Proofing > Spelling & Grammar.

    If the mistakes are found, the grammatical error or the first misspelled word will be highlighted. The errors or suggested corrections may vary slightly according to the program being used and whether it is a spelling or grammatical error.

  • Turn on & off the automatic Spelling & Grammar check
    1. Click on the Microsoft Office Button > Word Options > Proofing.
    2. Exceptions for > All New Documents.
    3. Check or Uncheck Hide spelling errors in this document only.
    4. Return to your document by clicking on OK.
  • Run the Spelling & Grammar check
  • Click on the Review > Proofing > Spelling & Grammar.

    If the mistakes are found, the grammatical error or the first misspelled word will be highlighted. The errors or suggested corrections may vary slightly according to the program being used and whether it is a spelling or grammatical error.

  • Recheck previously ignored Spelling & Grammar check
    1. Click on the Microsoft Office Button > Word Options > Proofing.
    2. In Proofing, click on the Recheck Document.
    3. On the display of warning message, click Yes.
    4. In dialogue box, click OK to get back to your document and run again the Spelling & Grammar check.
    5. How to enable Grammar Checker in Word 2010, 2013, 2016?
    6. Run the Spelling & Grammar check

    Click on the Review > Proofing > Spelling & Grammar.

    With the first misspelled word found by the spelling, a dialogue box or task pane will appear. Depending on whether you are using dialogue box or task pane or not.

    If the mistakes are found, the grammatical error or the first misspelled word will be highlighted. The errors or suggested corrections may vary slightly according to the program being used and whether it is a spelling or grammatical error.

  • Turn on & off the automatic Spelling & Grammar check
    1. Click on the File > Word Options > Proofing.
    2. Exceptions for > All New Documents. Check or Uncheck Hide spelling errors in this document only.
    3. Return to your document by clicking on OK.
  • Recheck previously ignored Spelling & Grammar check
    1. Clink on File > Word Options > Proofing.
    2. In Proofing, click on the Recheck Document.
    3. On the display of warning message, click Yes.
    4. In dialogue, click OK to get back to your document and run again the Spelling & Grammar check.

    If grammar checker is not required and you want to turn it off entirely in Word 2010 and later then you can follow these few simple steps:

    • Click on the File tab, click on Options and then click on Proofing.
    • Click to uncheck the box that says Check spelling as you type.
    • Click to uncheck the box that says Mark grammar errors as you type.

    How to set grammar checker in Outlook? If you are an Outlook user then you must come across this question at least some point. Here are the steps:

    • Click on the File tab, afterwards click on Options.
    • In Options, click on Mail then click on Editor Options.
    • Click to check on the boxes Check spelling as you type, Mark grammar errors as you type and Check grammar with spelling.

    For Mac, Word and Outlook, it checks for potential grammatical and spelling errors automatically, as you type.

    Nonetheless, if you’d rather wait until you’re done, to check spelling and grammar, there are options available for turning automatic checking on and off. By customizing the options, you can avoid the mistakes as you type and check spelling and grammar all at once, when you are done.

    How to do Grammar Checker in Word Mac?

    Like Word for Windows, grammar checker in Word Mac is also available. You enable or disable the Spelling & Grammar preferences, following a few simple steps:

    • Firstly, open Word in Mac.
    • in the Word menu, click on the Preferences.
    • Click on the Spelling & Grammar, under the Authoring and Proofing Tools.
    • Check (or uncheck) the options: Check spelling as you type & Check grammar as you type.
    • Check (or uncheck) the options: Hide spelling errors in this document & Hide grammatical errors in this document.
    • At last, click on OK.

    In Google Docs grammar check is integrated along with the Spell Check tool. The grammar checker will underline words that seem to be grammatical errors. For instance, if you type “its” and the engine thinks that the wrong word has been typed with reference to the context then it is likely to be underlined.

    • Open Google Docs, use your Google username and password to log in.
    • Open Google Docs document, you will see that potential errors are underlined in red.
    • To display the Did You Mean dialogue box, right-click on underlined word.
    • From the Did You Mean dialogue box, you can choose and click on the correct word or phrase.
    • Repeat for any other grammatical or spelling error.

    With the increasing use of grammar and spelling check tools, the extensions for these tools have also been used widely. Technology is yet catching-up when it comes to editing and proofing tools, but grammar checkers have been improving day by day. If you are a regular user of word processors then you must use grammar checker extensions for chrome, Firefox, MS Office etc. as will greatly help you in enhancing your writing quality. If you are working on lengthy documents and have no plans of e-mailing them immediately then you must consider handy Office extensions. Some of the best extensions include:

    1. Grammarly: An all in all spell and grammar check tool that saves you from many of the most common writing mistakes. It is available for Chrome as well as Firefox.
    2. After the Deadline: A contextual grammar checker which is available for Chrome, Firefox and WordPress. With its ability to distinguish between style and grammar problems, you can enjoy a few extra features.
    3. Ginger: The plug in/extension is compatible with Microsoft Office, Chrome and Firefox. The company behind the tool claims that it can get rid of 95% of the errors.

    To have a solution to identify and correct grammatical mistakes from their iPhone rather than turning computers on and off, might be a wish of all iOS users. In the world of iPhone users, everything seems more tricky and of course, a bit pricy. Finding a good grammar checker for iPhone is not very easy. However, there are few quality apps available that can serve your purpose. Let’s have a look at our list of grammar checkers for iOS:

    1. Ginger
    2. Grammar Checker Academic
    3. eAngel Human Online Proofreading Service

    Let’s admit, who would not like to feel liberated from those complicated grammar rules. Aren’t we always looking for effortless ways to grasp those frightening rules and get rid of those nasty mistakes? And let’s be honest, what could we possibly find more convenient than having a solution right on our android devices. Isn’t it true? Perhaps, now you can say goodbye to those embarrassing grammar mistakes by downloading one of those handy apps. Some of the best grammar checkers for android are:

    1. gCheck- Free Grammar Checker
    2. English Grammar Spell Checker
    3. Grammar Checker Academic

    Are you sad because you’ve put a lot of tears, sweat and time into your French but maybe you are still not there, often flubbing your grammar? Well, that’s okay. The good news is that grammar checkers for French can save you from all those cumbersome mistakes. If you are thinking about the limitations of these automated checkers then let us tell you that the best ones are actually very handy and they do exist. They flag everything from article issues to gender errors and failure to use suitable subjunctive. And they offer additional spelling checker facilities as well.

    Furthermore, if you are happy to wait a bit longer then there are websites available where human beings are graciously willing to fulfill the role of online grammar checker for you.

    Are you sad because of your Spanish grammar troubles? If you want to check your text for grammar errors then there are quite a few online and free grammar checkers that can help you out. These automated checkers are obviously not something you can completely rely on as they can never become the substitute for the advice and correction of a human. However, they can still be very useful in your everyday life, as long as you do not heavily rely on them. You just have to run your piece of writing through them and they might save you from embarrassment to some extent. To find a good one, you might first like to put all these checkers to the test and see which one works best for you.

    You can also try our other free tools such as Word Counter and Reverse Image Search.