Twitter Fixed A Five Years Old Error In Privacy And Safety Options

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We have been using social networks for years and have dealt with several issues that were solved over time but who knew that there could be a bug which can last for almost five years? According to a news from Twitter a platform where you can upload your statuses and share information with friends, family or fans had an undiscovered bug until 15th of January 2019.

Whenever Twitter users made changes to their accounts activated this bug somehow which disables the “protect your tweets” option located in the privacy and safety section. The purpose of this option was to keep the tweets or statuses private, means it allows you to hide the content from the public.


twitter error fixing


This bug remained active for almost five years, started from November 2014 till January 2019. Twitter doesn’t know how many people has it really affected or do not have the exact number which we think is definitely in millions. Twitter is a social network used by all celebrities, people in business and almost all the big guns around the world, who knew that it contained an unnoticeable bug.

According to the news from Twitter, this issue only occurred on smartphones with Android OS. iOS users are safe as well as the web users. In a message from Twitter to every user, they said the issue had been resolved, and if the users have turned this feature on between this five-year time, they should change their email addresses as well as settings to be sure their accounts and information are safe.

It is highly advised to keep a check on your personal settings to avoid leakage of any personal information over social networks. The word social means you are a person who likes to interact with the people either friends and relatives or people from outside this circle. If you are someone who is up for making new friends, talk to strangers or fans, then please make sure you have set the right personal settings.


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