Consumers Are Facing Problems Of Fake Reviews On Amazon

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According to the surveys, people who bought an item from Amazon in the last six months found that for them the price was the biggest factor, but reviews are also considered when it comes to purchasing something online. Building a trust factor is essential and as multiple resources said that the Amazon has growing reviews problems people have started to move away from the site.






According to the survey, when it comes to trustworthiness almost seventy percent people said that they somewhat trust their services and the rest either read the reviews before making a purchase or they just don’t trust Amazon at all. Also, there was a small percentage of people who said that they trust only the verified purchaser reviews, but now its percentage is decreasing as well.

Fake reviews problem is not easy to get rid of, and a report says that these sections are densely filled with fake or paid-for reviews. Also said that in the category of electronics and computers there are reviews that don’t even match the description of the product.

The question here arises that why would you care? Well, if you have ever made a purchase online, then you should because people sitting overseas ask for good quality when they pay for anything online. The reviews are vitally important, and the company should take it on serious notice because a lot of people are not getting their desired quality which the reviews were about.

There is always going to be people who will keep on trying to cheat the system, which will harm consumers trust. Plus Amazon can’t take a big step before spreading the awareness of the issue, and if they do so, they might also face a massive downfall because consumers will get cautious and therefore will leave it to FTC to take care of the problem with isolated efforts.

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