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Do you often struggle to rewrite some sentences without changing their actual meaning? Don’t worry. It happens to almost every writer. It is not because they don’t know how to write or lack the required skills. Instead, it can happen because of any reason. For example, you are going through writer’s block, or a short deadline is affecting your creativity. In any of these cases, you can call online writing or rewriting tools for help.

Various online tools are available right now that can change sentences without modifying the actual context. Utilize them and boost your creativity. Most of these tools use advanced algorithms to understand the context and rewrite sentences without disturbing the original perspective.

This brief article will introduce you to a great content changer that can quickly and efficiently rephrase content keeping its meaning intact. Moreover, it will also discuss how it works and what additional features it provides to users, and at last, we will also see its pros and cons that can help you decide whether you should give it a shot or not.

So, let’s get acquainted with that tool!

Paraphrasing Tool by SmallSEOTools

The paraphrasing tool is one of the most used utilities of this platform. Many writers, students, and bloggers use this tool to polish their content or to remove plagiarism from their text. Unlike many other online paraphrasing assistants, this one provides more advanced features to help writers create extraordinary content. And the best thing about this paraphraser is that it uses advanced AI algorithms to recreate content. Have a look at the exclusive features of this tool!

Features of the Paraphrasing Tool

It offers a lot of unique features that can help users in many ways. Here are a few of them!

1. Understands the Context

With this paraphraser, you can recreate a whole article in one go, as its AI algorithms quickly analyze the overall discussion and then reword the articles. That’s how it helps users to get what they want. Usually, many content-changer platforms just replace a few words with their most matched synonyms without understanding the content. However, you won’t find the same issue with this tool. Instead, it will give a whole new look to your text without modifying the context. That’s the real beauty of this paraphraser.

2. Remove Plagiarism

Remove instances of plagiarism

Removing plagiarism is one of the biggest reasons why most students and writers use rewording tools. They copy content from different sources and recreate them to make them unique. Students also use this when they need to cite other researchers or authors without using quotation marks. That’s where this paraphraser comes in handy. It entirely changes the text and makes it difficult for plagiarism tools to detect duplication. But for your satisfaction check your content duplication using a reliable plagiarism checker. In addition, the algorithms of this tool are designed in a way that enables it to eradicate plagiarism.

3. Enhance Readability

Many online paraphrasers have no interest in improving the readability of a text. In fact, they don’t have the capabilities to do it. But this paraphrasing tool is built differently and has the back of modern AI strategies. So, it also improves the readability of content and makes it easier to understand for everyone. Apart from removing plagiarism from the content, you can also use it for buffing up your text. That’s why it has become one of the best paraphrasers available online.

4. Gratify Users’ Needs

No matter whether you want to recreate an assignment, thesis, or blog, this tool can help. It can be said that this paraphrasing tool is a one-stop solution for different needs. It has the ability to discover what kind of content users need. So, it works very well to gratify them.

5. Support Various Languages

Support various languages

This paraphrase online tool is one of a few tools that support various languages. So, even if your content is in any other language, this tool is still helpful for you. Apart from the English language, it can also paraphrase text in seven different languages, including Turkish, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese. This capability makes it much better than most of the tools available online.

6. Provide Four Different Modes of Rewriting

Modes of rewriting

And lastly, it also offers four different modes. Out of them, you can select any mode depending on your needs. Below are the modes of rewriting that it provides;

Smart Spin: In smart spin mode, this tool provides a basic level of spinning content where it makes a few changes to the content to make it unique. However, it doesn’t make many changes that can give it a new look. However, this mode is also enough for various needs, like writing emails, cover letters, etc.

Ultra-spin: Ultra-spin mode makes a lot of changes to the content. It almost changes every sentence and makes your content seem different. However, as you read the rephrased text, you realize that the content is changed, but the context is the same.

Spin Manual: In this mode, the tool provides you the suggestions and doesn’t recreate the text. You can see those suggestions and change the text accordingly. This mode is beneficial for all those who want to manually make changes to the content instead of allowing the paraphraser to do all the work.

AI Writer: This mode is the best for most users. It modifies the overall text using the most advanced AI algorithms. Moreover, it also brushes up the text and improves its quality. So even if you provide low-quality and vague content as input, it will make it valuable to most readers.


  • This tool makes the content 100% unique
  • Improves overall quality of text
  • Doesn’t modify the context
  • Removes grammatical errors
  • Creates appealing and valuable content
  • Gratifies various needs
  • Supports eight different languages
  • Saves writers time


  • A few of its modes are not free to use
  • Free users cannot exceed the daily limit of 2,000 words


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