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YouTube, the most popular video hosting website as well as the third most popular website in the entire world, sure doesn’t need any introduction. The huge success that it has earned over the time is due to its convenience, however, which is quite limited when it comes to trying to download any video from YouTube freely, as you can’t save every video with the help of the same common methods.

Google and YouTube are interested in their users to view the videos only on their websites, and that’s why they don’t allow you to download the videos from the directly from the website. However, it doesn’t mean at all that it is impossible to do so.

Regardless of all the limitations, one might face while downloading a favorite video, downloading videos is becoming trendier these days. Hence, people look for easy options that are simpler and faster. These days there are many free YouTube video downloader app, software and tools available that allow you to download all the videos in the most convenient manner.

By using a free YouTube downloader app or tool, you can download the videos or movies directly for your mobile, computer or other devices. You can even find free YouTube downloader app for your android or iOS device.


There could be various reasons for you to use a free YouTube downloader app or tool for downloading videos right away from YouTube. Who doesn’t love entertainment and that’s why a free YouTube downloader app comes very handy. A video downloader tool is also very helpful in saving money or data usage. Once you have downloaded your favorite app, you no longer need internet connection every time you want to watch it, as you already have it on your smartphone or computer. One of the primary use of any YouTube video downloader app is in eLearning. Nowadays, many colleges and universities encourage eLearning and YouTube is a very crucial element, when it comes to eLearning. Some of the academic institutes conduct all their academic courses and programs solely through eLearning which includes videos, lectures, and handouts.

You may already be familiar with how eLearning videos make a very powerful learning tool. They add a dynamic element to your online learning courses; enhancing the demonstration of complex procedures, knowledge transfer, and explanation of complex topics. This is the very reason that the most popular video hosting website YouTube provides you with unlimited options to enhance your knowledge by not only downloading and using the videos, but you can also upload your own videos that may help others in achieving their learning objectives.

Downloading videos from YouTube is now easier than ever before. You can use some free YouTube downloader app for downloading eLearning videos from YouTube and re-watch them as many times as you like.

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