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Free Punctuation Checker

Use this free punctuation checker to quickly correct punctuation mistakes in your writing and improve its quality and readability. 

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How to Check Punctuation Mistakes Online?

Our free online punctuation checker offers the simplest way to detect punctuation mistakes in your writing. By following these easy steps, you can instantly check and correct punctuation errors in your content.

  • Upload the text or paste it directly into the given box.
  • Click on the Check Punctuation button.
  • This tool will scan your text and highlight any punctuation mistakes if found.
  • Follow the suggestions to rectify these punctuation errors.

How Does SmallSEOTools Punctuation Checker Work? 

SmallSEOTools’ punctuation checker is based on highly advanced AI and NLP algorithms that simplify the process of checking punctuation errors for everyone. Once you enter your text into the punctuation corrector, it will instantly scan it to highlight the mistakes and give possible suggestions to improve the quality of your text. The most advantageous feature of this punctuation checker is that it allows you to examine your text in the four main English dialects, including American, Canadian, British, and Australian. This is a perfect tool for writers, bloggers, journalists, and students to enhance the engagement of their text. 

What Makes SmallSEOTools’ Free Punctuation Checker the Best Tool?

There are many punctuation checking tools out there; some are free, and some require paid memberships. However, SmallSEOTools offers a free punctuation checker with many advanced features. 

Here are some unique features of this online punctuation corrector.

  • Feedback and Suggestions 

Our advanced punctuation corrector identifies the mistakes in your written text and provides accurate suggestions to remove them. By following the feedback & suggestions provided by our tool, you can remove the errors from your text and make it more engaging and impressive for your targeted audience. 

  • Free to Use / No Signup

The AI-powered punctuation checker offered on is a completely free-to-use online tool for everyone. You don’t need to pay any amount or perform any registration to detect and correct punctuation errors in your written text.

  • Unlimited Punctuation Checking 

Do you want to check punctuation marks in multiple documents? No worries! This online punctuation check tool doesn’t impose any restrictions on you. Users can use this free punctuation fixer and catch all punctual errors without facing any hurdles. 

Types of Mistakes Our Online Punctuation Checker Can Correct 

Our online punctuation corrector will deeply scan your text and identify all types of punctuation errors in it. Below are some major punctuation mistakes that our tool can instantly detect and correct. 

  • Missing Commas 

Missing commas is one of the common mistakes most writers make while crafting content. The major reason behind this issue is less knowledge about the proper use of commas in writing. With our comma checker, you can easily detect and correct missing commas to ensure your writing conveys your message to readers the way you want. 

  • Misplaced Apostrophes 

Apostrophes are mainly used to display possession and create contraction. But, many people make mistakes in using apostrophes appropriately. Do you know that “its” and “it’s have completely different meanings? Misplaced apostrophes are another common mistake that affects the context of a text. This online punctuation checker examines your writing and highlights any such mistake quickly. 

  • Unnecessary Quotation Marks  

Double quotation marks are mainly used for denoting direct speech and dialogue or text from another source. These marks are also used to indicate titles and, occasionally, the slang use of a word in writing. They should not be used to highlight text unnecessarily. Our online punctuation corrector highlights and removes unessential quotation marks and enhances text readability.

  • Overuse of Exclamation Marks

Using more than one exclamation mark after a sentence is grammatically incorrect. Many individuals make the mistake of adding two or three exclamation marks to show excitement or stress in their text. Our punctuation fixer can correct this error and make your text grammatically strong and accurate. 

  • Overuse of Capitalizations

Many of you might have heard the law that states, “capitalize the first word of a sentence and the first letter of proper nouns .”But, there are many other capitalization rules many of you might not be aware of. SmallSEOTools’ free punctuation checker will serve you in detecting and correcting any capitalization issue in your writing. 

  • Incorrect Parentheses Use

The primary purpose of using parenthesis is to offset irrelevant information from a complete sentence. But, many writers often make mistakes in using them or overuse them. This online comma checker will correct parenthesis mistakes in a text and boost the engagement of your content effortlessly.

  • Misplaced End Marks

It is important to learn that if you use quotations, you should place end marks where they belong. For example, periods and commas should be placed inside quotation marks. Our free punctuation checker rectifies all misplaced end marks within seconds.  

  • Misplaced Periods

Misusing periods can cause fragments, which will create confusion for the readers. It is essential to place a period after the end of a sentence. Our free punctuation check utility can help you ensure the proper placement of periods in your text.  

  • Comma Splicing

A comma splice error occurs when a comma is used in place of a period, colon, or semicolon. Our online comma checker will identify and automatically correct all comma splice errors in your text. 

Why Use Our Online Punctuation Corrector? 

Our online punctuation checker improves your text's punctuation, style, grammar and clarity, making it easily understandable for readers. Here are some other benefits of this online punctuation correction tool. 

  • Ensure Accuracy & Clarity 

With our efficient punctuation corrector, you can discover different ways to enhance the structure and clarity of your text. Punctuation mistakes can ruin the context of a text, and our web-based tool identifies all such mistakes in your text and offers suggestions to rectify them. 

  • Build Writing Confidence

New writers often get nervous while submitting their work due to the mistakes in their writing. Our punctuation correction tool provides style and readability improvements in real-time as users write, giving them confidence and helping them enhance their writing skills.

  • Avoiding Miscommunication

Improper use of punctuation marks can change the meaning of a text, which can cause problems in properly conveying any information to others. Our online punctuation checker assists you in identifying such mistakes and recommends more effective ways to use punctuation marks in your text. This will surely improve your communication and enable you to avoid any embarrassment.

  • Strengthen Arguments

Appropriate use of punctuation will enhance the readability of your content and help you powerfully present yourself. This will help you represent the critical information prominently and support you in sharing your arguments like a pro. Using an online punctuation check tool, you can ensure perfect usage of punctuation marks in your writing to enhance the style and strength of your writing.


How Can I Check If My Punctuation Is Correct? 

You can check for punctuation mistakes in your writing with SmallSEOTools’ free punctuation checker. Using this online tool, you can ensure your content is free of all punctuation mistakes.

Is It Cheating to Use a Punctuation Checker?

Not at all! Using a punctuation checking tool will not considered illegal. It will only help you identify the mistakes in your writing and ensure the clarity and quality of your text. 

How Accurate a Punctuation Checker in Detecting Errors? 

SmallSEOTool’s free punctuation check tool uses advanced technology that provides 100% accurate results. The writing suggestions and feedback provided by this tool are completely reliable.

Does This Punctuation Check Tool Automatically Correct Errors? 

Our punctuation correction tool scans your text, highlights all its punctuation mistakes, and gives real-time suggestions to correct them. As our tool is based on advanced algorithms, it will automatically correct punctuation mistakes in your writing as you write.  


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