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PNG to SVG Converter

Large PNG files can slow down PCs and websites. But you can avoid this issue by using our PNG to SVG converter. Just upload your file and wait for a few seconds to let the magic happen.



Max Size 5 MB

What Is a PNG file?

The word PNG is a shortened form of Portable Network Graphics. This type of file is a raster image document that came to the technical landscape to overcome the shortcomings of the graphics interchange format (also known as GIF). Therefore, nowadays, people use PNG files for a variety of purposes, like digital images, text files, and web graphics.

The PNG format grabs several unique features from the GIF format. But one of the most highlighted ones is its lossless compression. This image format stores all the original data to maintain maximum quality. It can also display transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds. This factor is the reason why the logos and pictures in video overlays are mostly PNG-based.

What Is an SVG File?

SVG is an abbreviated version of the Scalable Vector Graphics format. This image type is like HTML for 2D graphics and is different from raster images like PNG or JPEG. PNG and JPEG both employ a grid of tiny pixels to form a picture; hence, when you zoom in, their pixels become larger, and the overall images become grainy. But this issue doesn’t occur in the SVG format.

The appearance of files in the SVG format is based on geometry. Therefore, you can scale SVG files to any size without ruining their resolution. This feature makes them more suitable for interactive and animated content. Plus, you can create an SVG file by writing code. Therefore, web developers prefer using the SVG format over other image types. 

How to Convert PNG to SVG Online?

Our PNG to vector converter simplifies the entire conversion process. This online tool requires only three steps to convert PNG to SVG format. Here is a quick overview of those steps:

Upload PNG File

Start by uploading a PNG file to our tool. You can do that by manually browsing or dragging and dropping the file. 


The next step is to initiate the process. For that, push the ‘Convert to SVG’ button.


It will take a few seconds for our PNG to vector converter to complete the process. Upon completion, use the ‘Download’ option or button to export the results.

Why Use PNG to SVG Converter?

Besides effortless conversion, our PNG to SVG converter free offers various additional benefits to its users. The following points highlight a few of them:

Your Files Are Safe

SmallSEOTools prioritizes the safety of its users and their data. Therefore, this web utility uses cutting-edge encryption techniques to ensure its security. Whether you upload a single or multiple files, your data will remain completely secure here.

Convert PNG to SVG in Seconds

The extensive size of PNG files doesn’t impact the speed of our tool. Whether it’s a small or large PNG file, you will see quick results with this SVG converter.

Transform PNG to SVG Free

Free PNG to Vector Converter by SmallSEOTools is available globally free of cost for every user.

Simple User Interface

SmallSEOTools has developed this turn png into svg tool to benefit experts, regular users, and novices alike. It features an easy-to-use user interface. Therefore, no prior experience is necessary to get started with this PNG to vector online converter.  

Convert PNG to Vector Without Losing Quality

The PNG to vector converter operates on high-end technologies to operate quickly and satisfy the evolving needs of its users. The efficient processing of this transform png to svg tool doesn’t ruin the quality of images. With the integration of state-of-the-art algorithms, this online tool knows how to maintain the same quality during the conversion process. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about quality loss while using this utility to create SVG from PNG files.


How long does it take to convert PNG to SVG?

The PNG to SVG converter by SmallSEOTools offers quick and efficient conversions. It merely takes a couple of seconds to generate SVG from PNG with complete accuracy. 

Can I transform PNG to SVG on my phone?

Yes, you can access the PNG to SVG converter by SmallSEOTools on your smartphone. This tool allows you to transform PNG to SVG with just a few taps.

Can I convert PNG to SVG for free?

Yes, The PNG to SVG converter offered on this platform free of cost, no matter how many conversions you execute through it.

Can I convert PNG to Vector in bulk Quantity?

Yes, you can bulk convert PNG to vector with SmallSEOTools. This utility allows you to upload up to 20 PNG files and batch convert them into SVG with a single click.

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