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HEIC to PNG Converter

Convert HEIC image to PNG (Transparent Background) online in the highest quality in seconds. 

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Convert Heic to PNG by using easiest HEIC to PNG Tool

How to Convert HEIC to PNG Online?

SmallSEOTools provides you with an easy way to convert HEIC to PNG online. You are just required to follow the simple steps shared below to use this utility:

  • Drag and Drop or Upload the HEIC files directly from your device’s storage.
  • Click the “Convert to PNG” button to initiate the process.
  • Hit “Download” to save the converted files to your device.

Easily Change HEIC to PNG for Free

Our HEIC to PNG converter is an easy-to-use online utility. You won’t even need anyone’s assistance or technical expertise to operate it. This online tool has been designed to make your life easy; hence, it doesn’t ask you to pay a single penny to convert HEIC to PNG. You can convert as many files from HEIC to PNG as you want without any hassle.

Why Use HEIC to PNG Converter

The availability of hundreds of online tools may make you wonder why you should choose SmallSEOTools' HEIC to PNG converter. Well, let us take you through the features that make it stand out.


HEIC to PNG converter won’t let you face compatibility issues. Its super-compatibility with all browsers and operating systems makes it easily accessible to everyone. Whether you are using an Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux device, you can simply access this tool through your preferred browser and conduct HEIC to PNG conversion.

Batch Convert

Our HEIC to PNG changer can help you save an ample amount of time in executing this conversion. Its batch convert feature eliminates the restriction of converting a single HEIC file to PNG at a time. With this tool, you can convert up to 20 images in a single go.

Simplify HEIC Files Sharing

Sharing HEIC files isn’t easy for individuals who don’t use iOS devices. This format is mainly compatible with iPhone, Mac, and other devices running the iOS operating system. Hence, the pictures in it aren’t supported by other OS, which can disrupt the experience of users when sharing HEIC files across different devices. To overcome this hassle, you can utilize HEIC to PNG converter, as it simplifies HEIC file sharing. After turning your images into PNG format, you can easily share pictures wherever you want.

How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Mac?

Converting HEIC to PNG on Mac is an effortless task. You can simply access this tool on SmallSEOTools through Safari or any other browser you use on Mac. After accessing it, you are required to submit the HEIC files using the upload button and tap the “Convert to PNG” option to get your hands on images in PNG format instantaneously.

Convert .HEIC to PNG without Losing Quality

You may fear losing picture quality and stay away from using an online tool to convert .HEIC to PNG. However, things are quite different when it comes to SmallSEOTools’ HEIC to PNG converter. This tool utilizes advanced AI to execute HEIC to PNG conversion on your behalf and preserve the quality of your images. You won’t see any difference in the quality of your uploaded HEIC file in its converted PNG version.


What is HEIC File Format?

HEIC is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Image Container, and it’s a commonly used file format on Apple devices. The HEIC images are available on iPhone models that are running on iOS 11 or later operating systems.

How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows?

The conversion of HEIC to PNG on Windows is possible through SmallSEOTools’ HEIC to PNG converter. You can access this tool over the web, upload the HEIC image, and press the given button to fetch the PNG variant of your HEIC file.

What is the Fastest Way to Convert HEIC to PNG?

SmallSEOTools offers the fastest way to convert HEIC to PNG. Its High Efficiency Image Container to PNG converter runs on automated algorithms that perform this conversion while ensuring quality in a matter of seconds.

Is Online HEIC to PNG Converter Secure?

Yes! Our HEIC to PNG converter is 100% safe and secure. Your uploaded files are never stored in its databases. Once the conversion is completed, the files automatically get removed from the server.  

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