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Our percentage calculator helps to calculate the exact percentage of numbers online. You can find the percentage in three ways, Percentage calculation in phrases, Percentage change calculation, and Percentage conversions

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No need to go anywhere else to calculate percentage anymore! This online Percentage calculator enables you to find the percentage of different values within a flash of an eye.

Our online tool provides assistance in finding percentages in various forms. You can choose any one of them as per your requirements.

Percentage calculator in phrases

You can use this percentage calculator to find percentages in phrases. For example, if you have a query like what is 20% of 40. Then you can use our online tool to find the answer in a blink of an eye. You will get the accurate answer, which is “8”, without making any calculations by yourself.

Percentage change calculation

This online tool also allows you to find the increment or decrement in the percentages if the values are being altered constantly without any hurdles. There is no need to go through any additional hassle on making manual calculations to detect whether the results are in a decreasing state or increasing here percentage difference calculator can help you. The percentage increase calculator provided by SmallSEOTools gives you a chance to complete this task with a few taps on your device.

The percentage conversions calculator is capable of calculating extremely small or large values and gives you 100% percent accurate results. You will not feel any ambiguity while using this online percent change calculator. Basically, you can change a percent to decimal and percent to fraction to do the calculation using decimal & fraction numbers.

You are not required to follow any hard and fast rules and regulations to use this online percentage calculator. The simple steps mentioned below will enable you to calculate the percentage within a blink of an eye.

  • Get access to our percent change calculator by visiting http://smallseotools.com/.
  • Once you reach our tool’s page, enter the values to initiate the process.
  • After entering the values, click on the “Calculate” button.
  • That’s all! You will get accurate calculation results within a few seconds.

You may have used many online percentage calculator tools over the web and found that most of them have some limitations. Many online tools might have asked for making an account on their website or purchase any subscription plan. But, our online calculator doesn’t have such restrictions, as you can use this tool from any part of the world without paying a single penny. This tool will not let you go through any boring sign-up procedures or picking up any subscription plan. There is no trial period for using this free percentage change calculator. You can make as many calculations as you desire without any hesitation.

Moreover, you don’t have to install any special application on your device to use this free calculator. This tool supports all operating systems, including Android, iOS, or Windows, etc.

Our online percent calculator tool is working on the basis of common percentage formulas. This tool processes the following formulas to calculate the percentage.

Percentage Formula

We all know that the basic percentage formula is P × V1 = V2. To see how this formula helps us in finding the percentage, let’s take an example.

Suppose, V1 = 45, V2 = 30, and P is the percentage.

Put the values in the formula; P × 9 = 30

P = 45/30 x 100= 66.67%

Percentage Difference Formula

Another formula that is used for finding the percentage difference is discussed below. We will use this formula to find the difference in percentage.

Percent change formula = (V2-V1)/V1 x 100

Percentage Change Formula

You can understand the percentage change method by following this simple example.

250 increased by 10% (0.1)

250 × (1 + 0.1) = 275

250 decreased by 10%

250 × (1 – 0.1) = 225

You may have an idea that mathematical calculations are being made in almost every field of life. Especially if we talk about the educational sector, banking, or financial institutions, there are a lot of percentage calculations made on a regular basis. Additionally, the leading brands advertise their products by giving a particular percentage discount. So, all these examples may assist you in understanding the significance of calculating the percentage.

The traditional method of calculating percentage was hectic and tedious, where you were supposed to make all the calculations by yourself. But, with our free tool, you can make as many percentage calculations as you desire without any hesitation. You don’t have to waste your energy or time on going through all these calculations, as a few clicks will enable you to find the percentage of a number easily.

Advantages of Our Percentage Calculator

Our percentage calculator is the best option for calculating the percentage you could find over the web. The main advantages of our online percentage calculator are as follows:

Financial reports

The process of making financial reports isn’t an easy task, as it includes a lot of calculations. Percentages are a crucial part of a financial report, and our online percentage calculator will assist you in finding percentages.

Study purposes

If you are a student, then you must have an idea that percentage is a vital part of mathematics. Our online tool helps you in completing your percentage related assignments by making all the calculations on your behalf and providing you with accurate results within no time.