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Percentage Change Calculator

The percent change calculator (% change calculator) will evaluate the change from one value to another and specify whether the change is an increase or decrease.

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Percent Change Calculator

The percentage change calculator is a web-based utility that offers assistance to users in the percentage change calculation between two values. It allows the users to find how much percentage increase or decrease has occurred in two numbers. 

The easy-to-use interface of our percent change calculator makes this task effortless for everyone. You don’t need to install this calculator on your device, as it can be easily accessed over the web. 

If you don’t wish to put yourself in trouble with manual calculation, you can turn to this % change calculator. Calculate percent change for free without imposing any restrictions!

 How to Calculate Percentage Change?

Calculate percent change between two values. Follow the easy steps given below to find percent of change:

  • Access the percent change calculator
  • Enter the two values between which you wish to find change in the given fields.
  • Hit the Calculate button to get your hands on accurate results instantaneously!

 Percent Change Formula

This advanced percent change calculator works on the % change formula, which is:

Percent Change Formula= (V2 – V1)/ |V1| x 100

The percent change formula is defined as the ratio of the difference of final value V2 and initial value V1 to the initial value, multiplied by 100.

Examples of Percentage Change Calculation

The percentage change calculation can help you evaluate the percent of change in terms of increase or decrease between two numbers. Let’s take you through its examples.

 Percentage Increase Example

In January 2022, Alan worked on a daily wage of $120. In February 2022, her wage increased to $150 per day. Calculate percent change in Alan’s daily wage.


January Wage: $120

February Wage: $150

Input the given values in the percent change formula

Percentage Change = (V2 – V1)/ |V1| x 100

= (150 – 120)/ |120| x 100

= 30/120 x 100

= 25%

The percent of change in Alan’s daily wage is a 25% increase.

Percentage Decrease Example

Henry’s net income at the end of 2021 was $10,000. His net income at the end of 2022 was $-2000. What is the percent rate of change in his income?


Add values in the percentage rate of change formula 

Percentage Change Formula = (V2 – V1)/ |V1| x 100

= (-2000 – 10000)/ |10000| x 100

= -12000/10000 x 100

= -120%

Hence, the percentage change in Henry’s income is a 120% decrease.

How to Calculate Percentage Change Between Negative Numbers?

You can calculate percentage change between negative numbers by ignoring the negative sign from the final result in percentage. The formula for percentage change remains the same even where you are finding percent of change between negative numbers. If you’re facing difficulty in executing this complex calculation, you can get your hands on the percentage change calculator and easily figure out the exact percentage increase or decrease with a couple of clicks.

Uses of Percent Change Calculator in Daily Life

The percentage change calculator can be used across various domains of life. Calculating percent change is mainly important for people involved in dealing with finances, taxes, psychics, sales, and inflation rates. Whether you’re working in a taxation department, private bank, or running a private business, it’s important for you to calculate the shifts between two values in order to understand percentage increase or percentage decrease. These tasks need to be executed without making any errors; hence, using the rate of change calculator is becoming crucial. This tool helps users in making precise percentage change calculations without any hassle.


What is Percentage Change?

The percentage change is regarded as the ratio of the difference between two quantities to the initial value and multiplied by 100 to get results in percentage. When there is an upward or downward shift from a value, the percentage change occurs. Even if a single digit or decimal value has changed, the result can be regarded as a percentage increase or decrease.

Is Percentage Difference Equal to Percentage Change?

The percentage difference is not equal to the percentage change. The percentage change simply calculate percentage change (increase or decrease) between two numbers. On the other hand, percentage difference evaluate the difference between two positive integers in comparison to their average.

What is the Percentage Change from 6 to 15?

The percentage change from 6 to 15 can be calculated as follows:

Percentage change formula= (15 – 6)/ |6| x 100

9/6 x 100

= 150%

Hence, the change of 15 from 6 has resulted in a 150% increase.

What is the Percentage Change from 4 to 5?

You can calculate the percentage change from 4 to 5 in the following manner:

Percentage Change = (5 – 4)/ |4| x 100

= 1/4 x 100

= 25%

Hence, the change from 4 to 5 is due to a 25% increase.

What is the Percentage Change When 52 is increased to 150?

When you increase 52 to 150, the percentage change will be:

Percentage Change = (150 – 52)/ |52| x 100

= 98/52 x 100

= 188.5%

188.5% increase has occurred when 52 is increased to 150. Use the percent change calculator to avoid the manual effort and save your time

How to Calculate Percent Change between Two Numbers in Excel?

Here is the method of calculating percentage change between two numbers in Excel.  

  • Choose a blank cell for tracking the calculated percentage change then enter formula =(A3-A2)/A2 into the Formula Bar. 
  • After entering the % change formula, press the Enter key. 
  • Keep selecting the result cell and press the Percent Style button in the Number group under the Home tab to format the cell as a percentage.

 This way, you will find percent change in Excel straightaway. Save your time and effort and use a rate of change calculator to perform you calculations.


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