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Proofread your papers, essays, or articles and make them error-free with this powerful online proofreader.

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AI Powered Proofreader by

SmallSEOTools’ online proofreader is here to serve you as a personal assistant. You can overcome all kinds of writing mistakes with the help of this free tool. The AI-powered technology employed by this proofreading tool can identify and correct errors in a document based on its context. If your text contains grammar, spelling, punctuation, or vocabulary issues, this online tool will identify all errors and provide precise suggestions to help you overcome them.

How Does SmallSEOTools’ Proofreading Tool Work?

The working of the SmallSOTools’ free proofreading tool is quite easy to understand. You don’t need to follow any complex process to use this tool; just follow the simple instructions shared below to get started:

  • Upload the file you need to proofread by clicking the “Upload” button. You can also paste or type the text in the given field.
  • Click the “Proofread” button to initiate the process.
  • All types of errors existing in your content will be highlighted within seconds.
  • Tap each highlighted word or phrase to analyze the error and fix it with the provided suggestion. 

What Makes SmallSEOTools’ Proofreader the Best Proofreading Tool?

The free online proofreader by SmallSEOTools has a wide range of advanced features that make it an exceptional tool to proofread documents online. Some of its prominent features include the following: 

  • Comprehensive Proofreading

This free online proofreading tool conducts in-depth proofreading of the text submitted by users. The top-notch mechanism working at its backend ensures not a single error is undetected. Hence, no matter how many mistakes a text contains, none of them will be able to bypass the comprehensive proofreading process of this tool. 

  • Helpful Feedback & Suggestions

Our proofreading online tool also helps you with enhancing your learning about the errors it finds in your writing. It will offer helpful feedback with each error and suggestions for fixing it so that you don't repeat the same mistake again.

  • Advanced NLP Algorithms

The online proofreader uses advanced NLP algorithms that quickly assess the context of words used in your text. If any phrase, idiom, or word isn’t making sense in the overall context of the passage, its algorithms will detect such a mistake and suggest a better alternative to use in its place. 

  • Multilingual Proofreading

SmallSEOTools’ free proofreading tool isn’t just limited to proofreading content in English. It’s a multilingual tool that can proofread your text in various languages, such as German, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, etc. 

  • Secured Online Proofreader

SmallSEOTools offers a secure and safe proofreading online utility which you can use to proofread your documents without worrying about privacy. This free online proofreader ensures the confidentiality of your files; not even a single file is stored in its databases. Once the proofreading process is completed, your text automatically gets removed from this tool’s servers. 

What Writing Mistakes Does SmallSEOTools’ Proofreading Tool Correct?

SmallSEOTools’ AI proofreading tool improves the overall quality of a text by correcting all kinds of writing mistakes. Here are some issues that our tool can fix in your writing: 

  • Eliminate Confusing Words

The usage of jargon or alien terminologies can affect the readability of a text. Hence, if your text consists of such confusing words, this proofread tool will highlight and correct them with better alternatives. 

  • Correct Punctuation Errors

The incorrect or missing punctuation marks in your content make it hard for readers to understand. But our free proofreading tool smartly identifies all such instances and helps you correct them with a single click. 

  • Rearrange Sentence Structure

Whenever your sentences sound vague or are not structured correctly, this needs to be addressed. SmallSEOTools’ online proofreader can swiftly detect faulty parallelism, incomplete sentences, and other sentence structure issues from your writing and provide helpful suggestions for rearranging the sentence structure. 

  • Bring Conciseness

The long sentences aren’t grammatically incorrect, but they can make it difficult for the readers to comprehend their intent. Therefore, you should always look into this matter and focus on creating short sentences. The online proofreading utility can find such issues in your content and help you ensure conciseness in your text by removing redundancies and repetition. 

Who Should Use SmallSEOTools’ Free Proofreader?

The usage of SmallSEOTools’ free proofreader isn’t limited to a specific group of individuals. People working in different domains can use this proofreading online tool to make their documents flawless, such as: 

  • Students

Students need to ensure flawlessness before submitting an assignment, research work, essay, or other written work. For this reason, they may need a tool to go through their assignments or essays for better clarity and readability. SmallSEOTools’ essay proofreader can be a helpful tool for them. They can proofread their documents unlimited times without having to pay a penny. 

  • Book Authors

The existence of grammatical mistakes in published books can haunt the lives of book authors. In fact, they can face a lot of criticism and might lose their credibility. Hence, they should use SmallSEOTools’ online proofreading utility to make their content squeaky clean from all kinds of writing mistakes and speed up the publication process.

  • Business Professionals

Business professionals don’t get any margin to make mistakes when creating business reports or writing emails to clients. However, humans are prone to making errors, so they should use a proofreading tool like SmallSEOTools to find and fix all kinds of errors in their business content. As a result, this tool will help business professionals preserve their reputations and communicate messages accurately to intended recipients.


  • What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is an essential stage of writing that involves identifying and correcting errors. Before publishing any text or article, it’s essential to proofread and make it flawless. 

  • Is Editing the Same Thing as Proofreading?

Proofreading and editing aren’t the same because they are different stages of the writing process. While editing a document, you are required to make changes to its structure, sentence construction, formatting, and language clarity. On the other hand, proofreading involves spotting and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. 

  • What Does a Proofreader Do?

A proofreader is an online tool that automates the proofreading task for writers. It identifies all the mistakes in the text and provides suggestions to fix them immediately. 

  • What Might Happen if You Don’t Proofread Your Paper or Essay?

If you don’t proofread your papers or essays, then it may involve several grammatical mistakes. While going through your paper, if the instructor encounters any typo or grammar mistake, it may question your credibility. It may also lead you to get an “F” grade in a particular course. 

  • What is the Best AI Proofreader?

SmallSEOTools’ AI proofreader is the most effective online tool to ensure that your content is well-written, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and uses proper punctuation.


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