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A Keyword Density checker tool is acknowledged as how many times a keyword is utilized on a web page associated with total word count in it. While generating content for your site, you must make sure that it is keyword enriched. Food enriched with spices tastes good; in the same way, content enriched with good keyword phrases is friendly to search engines like Google.

Utilizing a Keyword density tool, you can easily define the proportion and sum of keywords utilized on your site. You will become acquainted with the keyword phrases utilized the least and the keywords that are being used the most. In order to check keyword density, you only need to type website URL and press Enter. Our Keyword planner will rapidly get all the keywords data from your website and will exhibit them in the form of a table.

Exceedingly under-optimized and over-optimized keywords are destructive to your website and possibly result in lower rankings on search engine. Now a question that possibly comes to your mind is that “How to find density and how I can check which keyword is under-optimized and which is over-optimize?" The answer is very simple, use a free online Keyword research tool. It creates a report on keywords density and phrases found on your site which supports a webmaster to know about most important keywords for their website.


Content matters a lot, not only from an ultimate user viewpoint but also from search engine perspective. The words utilized on a web, comprising of what type, how they are being used and where they are being used, it all can affect the worth of the webpage in search engine rankings. Keyword density analyzer, a free online search engine optimization tool from Internet Marketing legends, empowers you to run a keyword assessment of an existing web page. On the other hand, you can even make use of our free keyword density calculator in order to run keyword density analysis of a flourished competitor.

In order to use keyword density tool, paste a complete website URL in the provided text box in order to view keyword density of that particular webpage. Our sophisticated Keyword Density instrument delivers a comprehensive report on the text of that webpage. The report created by our KW density calculator involves:

  • Specific keyword
  • No. of times keyword is used
  • Density for the keyword
  • Prominence of the keyword

Keyword density analyzer provided by SmallSeoTools exhibits this data tracked by two tables covering keyword density usage. The initial table of density analysis demonstrates the most frequently utilized keywords found in all content utilized on the webpage, broken down over descending tilts of a single word, two-word or three-word keywords phrases, with a frequency count for each phrase or word.

Keyword Density Analyzer offered by SmallSeoTools counts for text found in an on-page body of the content, along with content utilized within heading tags. Consequently, you can utilize our best free keyword density analyzer to see which phrases and words are already utilized repeatedly on the webpage and mirror those phrases and words under most useful metadata tags, just like, heading tags, or alt text to boost up keywords relevancy.

After running our keyword density counter, you may also get that you have to work on the content of the webpage to make sure the most significant keywords are utilized with realistic frequency - though not to the keyword stuffing point, which can ultimately create search engine penalties. Make use of our sophisticated keyword density checker in order to get insight into the webpage content you previously have. Our cutting-edge keyword density SEO tool can also assist in managing your SEO website review exertions in order to get what you actually need on the webpage.

Internet marketing pros are more than happy to offer this free of cost keyword density checker to webmasters and SEOs. In case you found our keyword density instrument valuable, be certain to check our other worthwhile tools available online.

  • If you need to check the density of a website URL, then choose URL radio button and put URL, else check for Text radio button and paste your content into the area provided.
  • Choose the number of words in a phrase in order to check the density of keywords in the text you have entered.
  • Click on Submit button to check for keyword density.
  • Comprehensive results will be shown to you in the form of a table.

Overly optimized content that is a bit more in comparison with a keyword scrap list will be identified by Google crawler algorithms as human unfriendly and can wrongly influence a webpage’s ranking. While it is advisable to take pointers solely based upon the outcomes of online Google keyword tool, always compose your content in a well-formed, natural way explicitly for your targeted audience. Google algorithms value this kind of content material the most.