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Free Essay Checker

Use this free essay checker to review your essays for grammatical and spelling mistakes, unclear sentences, and misused words.   

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How to Use SmallSEOTools Free Essay Checker? 

The process of checking essay mistakes is straightforward with our online essay checker. By following the simple steps shared below, you can easily ensure the quality of your written essay.

  • Paste your text or upload the file directly by pressing the Upload button. 
  • Select the language in which you want to check essay mistakes. 
  • Hit the “Check Essay” button to start the process.
  • The essay check tool will analyze your entered text and highlight if it includes any errors.
  • Tap on the suggestions to eliminate the errors and improve your sentence’s readability.  

How Does SmallSEOTools Essay Checker Work?

SmallSEOTools free essay checker is a powerful tool that allows students to boost their academic performance. This essay corrector incorporates highly advanced technology and artificial intelligence systems, making it the perfect option for identifying errors in the essay. The facility scans your entered text thoroughly and highlights any misspelled or grammatical mistakes in the text quickly. Besides, the essay reviewer shares accurate suggestions for better word choice and sentence structure to enhance the clarity and readability of your essay.  

Types of Mistakes Our Essay Corrector Highlight

With our AI-powered essay corrector, you can check and correct your essay mistakes within a few clicks. Below are some of the most common mistakes our essay correction tool can identify and correct. 

  • Grammar and Syntax mistakes

Writers commonly make grammar, syntax, and typo mistakes when writing essays. Similarly, many make mistakes while structuring their sentences. Our online essay reviewer efficiently identifies minor or major mistakes in the written essay and offers suggestions for fixing them. 

  • Wrong punctuation marks

Inappropriate or missing punctuation can affect the meaning of a sentence and damage its clarity. Our free essay checker and corrector will identify the faulty punctuation marks in your essay and enable you to correct them easily.

  • Misspelled words

Spelling mistakes destroy the concentration of readers and make them annoyed. They also raise serious questions about the professionalism and credibility of a writer. Hence, running a quick spell check is essential to ensure your essays are free from spelling mistakes. 

  • Unclear Sentences

An unclear sentence extracts the attractiveness of your essay and makes it ambiguous or hard to understand for the readers. Using our AI essay checker, you can find unclear sentences in your essay and improve their structure by following the suggestions shared by the tool. 

  • Unnecessary Capitalization

Capitalizing words unnecessarily is a common mistake many writers make to emphasize or underline any word. Capitalizing words improperly can affect the readability of your essay. Our free essay check tool and corrector analyze your essay and remove faulty capitalization from it.

  • Words Repetition

Repeating words affects a text's overall appearance and denotes a writer's unprofessionalism and poor skills. That’s why checking for repeating words or phrases is necessary to save your reputation and enhance your essay engagement. Our free essay fixer highlights any repeating words in your essay, giving you an easy way to rectify the mistake and uplift your essay’s readability. 

Key Benefits of SmallSEOTools Online Essay Checker

SmallSEOtools offers its users a powerful free essay checker that empowers them to ensure their essays are free from mistakes. The online essay corrector helps writers, students, and authors enhance the quality of their essays and make them engaging for their readers. 

Here are some key benefits of using our online essay checker free. 

  • Free Essay Checker & Corrector

Don’t want to spend much money on a premium essay check tool? Well, you don’t need to. Our free essay correction tool is the best option for examining the quality of your essay without spending a single coin. This web-based tool doesn’t require any paid membership or purchase to check your essay for mistakes. Simply paste the text, and the essay fixer quickly identifies all grammar or typo mistakes. 

  • Accurate Suggestions

Our AI essay checker and corrector use the most advanced technology that makes our free essay corrector offer you multiple suggestions for each error. All the suggestions our tool provides will be reliable and 100% accurate. You can use those suggestions to remove the mistakes from your essay, enhance its readability and make it more engaging for the readers. 

  • Improves Fluency and Tone

As a student, you need to follow a specific tone and style your instructor shares while writing an essay. If your essay lacks fluency and has an improper tone, it may not impress your instructors. With the help of our online essay corrector, you can easily examine the fluency and tone of your essay and make it correct for better engagement.  

  • Enhances Quality and Clarity

Use our online essay checker free to improve the quality of your essays and make your sentences clearer. The tool will scan your uploaded text for errors and suggest improvements to uplift its readability and appeal. This will help you to write clearer and more effective essays.

  • Learning Tool

SmallSEOTools’s free essay corrector is an incredible resource that supports students and beginners who don’t have expertise in essay writing to improve their skills and expand their grammar knowledge. By carefully analyzing the suggestions, they can discover their essays' mistakes, improve their deficiencies and improve their essay-writing skills.


  • How Do I Check My Essay Mistakes?

You can check your essay mistakes instantly using our AI essay checker free. This tool examines your text and highlights grammar or spelling mistakes in a couple of seconds. 

  • How Can I Check My Essay for Plagiarism?

You can check for duplication in your essay using our online plagiarism detector. The facility compares your text with millions of other published papers and highlights if it includes any similar or copied text. By checking the results, you can ensure your content is unique.

  • How to Check If an Essay Is Written by AI?

You can ensure your essay isn’t generated by AI by reviewing it through our advanced AI detector. The tool will deeply analyze your written text to identify whether it is human-written or AI-generated. It will highlight if the text has any AI-generated sentences in it.  

  • What Is the Best Essay Checker?

SmallSEOTools essay checker free is the best online tool for students to evaluate the quality of their essays and identify misspelled words, typos, or grammatical mistakes.

  • Is Using an Online Essay Check Tool Cheating?

Not at all! An online essay check tool lets you check for grammar or typo errors in your writing and ensures its quality. Moreover, the corrections offered by the essay corrector help you enhance the readability and clarity of the text. Therefore, using an online essay checker is completely legal and ethical.   

  • Does This Essay Fixer Check My Essay for Grammar Correctly?

Yes! This online essay fixer incorporates highly advanced technology that ensures your essay is free from grammatical issues. 


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