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Compress PDF to 150KB

Compress single or multiple PDF files into 150kb in one click.

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Compress PDF by using easiest PDF compress Tool

How to Compress PDF to 150KB?

You can compress PDF to 150KB quite easily by following the simple steps shared below:

  • Click the upload button to select a PDF file. 
  • Press the “Compress PDF to 150KB” button.
  • Get the compressed PDF file instantaneously. 
  • Click Download to save it on your device. 

(Note: You can tap the Google Drive or Dropbox icon to import PDF from your cloud storage account.)

Why Choose: PDF Compressor to 150KB?

The PDF compressor to 150KB consists of various features that assist you in compressing PDF files to 150 KB or below. These features include the following: 

Fast & Easy Compression

The super-fast algorithms of this compress PDF to 150 KB tool allow you to compress PDF files in seconds. You won’t need to spend much time and effort in the execution of this task. In addition, this tool doesn’t make you follow any intricate procedures. Its user-friendly interface makes it quite easy for everyone to compress PDF files. 

Compress Multiple PDF Files

Do you need to compress multiple PDF files in one go? If yes, our PDF compressor to 150 KB has you covered. This facility allows you to upload up to 20 PDF documents and compress all of them to 150KB with a single click. 

Preserve Quality

The PDF compressor to 150 KB preserves the quality of your PDFs. Whatever data is contained in your PDF will remain the same quality even after the file is compressed to 150KB by this tool. The compress PDF to 150KB prevents all the elements of a PDF file from any kind of loss in quality.


There are no limitations on how many times you can use this PDF compressor 150 Kb. You can use this tool to compress unlimited PDF files to 150 KB at any time of the day. 

Reduce PDF Size to 150 kb on Mobile and Desktop

Whether using a mobile device or desktop, you won’t have any difficulty using our compress PDF to 150KB tool. The PDF compressor has super-compatibility with all kinds of operating systems. Since it’s a web-based utility, you aren’t asked to install a software program or plugin to compress PDF files. You just need a stable internet connection to reduce the size of PDF to 150 KB from any device. 


How Do I Convert a PDF to 150KB?

You can convert a PDF to 150KB by using the online compress PDF to 150KB facility on SmallSEOTools. This tool just asks you to submit the PDF file you wish to compress and wait for a few seconds to get your hands on its compressed version.

What Factors Affect the File Size of a PDF?

Multiple factors affect the file size of a PDF. Using multiple fonts and high-resolution images plays a major role in increasing the size of a PDF document.

Will Compressing a PDF to 150KB Affect Its Quality?

No! The PDF compressor to 150KB doesn’t affect the quality of a PDF file. This tool makes sure to keep the quality of your PDF files the same while compressing them.

Can I Revert the Compression and Restore the Original File Size of a PDF?

No! You cannot revert the compression and restore it to the original size of your PDF file. However, the actual file stored in your device remains the same. Hence, if you have changed your mind during the compression process, you will still have your original file, which will stay with you unless you remove it from your device’s storage.

Are There Any Limitations to Compressing a PDF to 150KB?

No! There are no limitations to compressing a PDF to 150KB. This tool can reduce PDF file size to 150KB online anytime, anywhere, without restrictions.


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