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Use Binary Translator to convert binary to text and know its translation in english text. Binary to text translator is a completely free tool. Just enter your binary string of any length in a binary translator, it will process your binary bits and convert it into English text. Find below how binary to text converter work in detail.

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Use The Best Binary To Text Online Converter

Converting binary to the English alphabets has been made very easy with our SST binary translator tool. You can now easily get it converted to information. This can be done for free, without registration or installation stress and within seconds. Our online converter is suited to translate a long stretch of binary code to words or in a single letter which depends on your input you enter in our online binary code translator.

How To Translate Binary To Text Using Binary Translator?

To translate binary to english letters using the best binary translator, simply take these steps

Step 1: Enter or paste your binary code into the text box.

Step 2: Click on “Convert to Text”

Step 3: Tool will convert your binary Input e.g (01000001) into Plain Text (A)

The right result is provided immediately.

Although there are multiple online binary to string converters, our tool ensures accuracy in every task. Some tools help you convert binary to text and for its vice versa, you can try Text to Binary Converter. We equally have specific tools for the two distinct tasks.

Ensure You Input The Right Code In Binary Translator

To get accurate english text make sure you input the right binary number in the binary translator. You must, however, ensure that the right code is inputted from you to have the accurate result from our converter. Using a binary to English text converter saves you some of the stress of learning how the binary system works. Knowing that each letter of the word has a corresponding binary value. It is simply impossible to memorize what each letter represents in binary. This is why you need a binary to plain text translators such as ours which is versatile and super-efficient. While computers make use of these codes to function, they still need to be interpreted, particularly when you have no coding experience. Coding with binary has been made easy with tools that can aid in encoding and decoding data. Try out our binary to text translator today and get smooth results.

What Are Binary Numbers?

In digital electronics, a binary number is expressed in the base of 2 numerical numbers. Which is (0, 1). The computer reads these bits as On and Off respectively (0 as off/false & 1 as on/true). The digital term BIT means "Binary digIT” The bit is the smallest unit of data in a computer system that is used to represent a single binary value, either 0 or 1. The byte is equal to 8 bits, a combination of 8 bits (byte) used to encode a single character of the text.

Representation of binary value (01001101) equivalent text (M) in eight (bits) switches.



The computer cannot understand the human language, and humans usually don’t understand binary language (0,1). Then how can we transmit our instructions to the computer? Obviously, we need a tool that can convert human language into binary digits or digits into a plain text so we can understand it easily. SST offers you a fantastic free tool that can convert a binary language code into a text that can easily be understood and printed by humans.



What term can be used to describe anything that uses binary numbers?

Usually, the devices use the binary numbers the term "Digital" can be used to describe them. Mostly all of the digital data is stored in binary format.

Binary Converter: Convert Binary To English Text

When you come across a long stretch of information written in codes of 0s and 1s, you might begin to wonder how to translate it into plain text. These details cannot be decoded easily to normal text. To convert binary to text, The tool will save your time by direct conversion of binary code into its English text. If you want to do it manually first you will need to change binary to decimal, then decimal to ASCII value(English Text). which is obviously a very time-consuming task, To change it manually you can take help from the Binary Table Given below.

Converting Manually Can Be Tiring – Use Binary Code Translator

This would be a long process to go through when converting every long string or even 8 bits code to plain text. Translating a length of code into text can be a frightening experience, due to the long string of numbers that would be translated to only a few words in a text. This can, however, be made easy when you use an online binary to text converter

Binary code is mostly used and interpreted by computers. It is functional in passing instructions to the computer. However, when the computer or any electronic device presents results in binary form, they would need it to translate to text for this purpose they use the binary decoder. It is tough to understand binary digits for the human so electronic devices use a binary decoder to present it into any human-readable language (English text)

Some of the binary numbers and their meaning in English text (ASCII)

What does binary digit 01000001 mean in Text (ASCII)?

This stands for the uppercase alphabet “A” in ASCII text, you can verify from ASCII Table and with the Binary Code Translator.

What does binary number 01100001 mean in English Text (ASCII)?

This stands for the lowercase letter “a” in ASCII text, Use conversion tool given at start to verify the number or use the ASCII Table.

Can I change Binary digits to Decimal too?

Yes, you can! if you want to change any binary number first into a decimal value use binary to a decimal translator

Binary Numbers To ASCII Characters Conversion Table

Get the English text of binary numbers from the Binary - Text conversion table

Binary Text (ASCII)
00000000 NUL
00000001 SOH
00000010 STX
00000011 ETX
00000100 EOT
00000101 ENQ
00000110 ACK
00000111 BEL
00001000 BS
00001001 HT
00001010 LF
00001011 VT
00001100 FF
00001101 CR
00001110 SO
00001111 SI
00010000 DLE
00010001 DC1
00010010 DC2
00010011 DC3
00010100 DC4
00010101 NAK
00010110 SYN
00010111 ETB
00011000 CAN
00011001 EM
00011010 SUB
00011011 ESC
00011100 FS
00011101 GS
00011110 RS
00011111 US
00100000 Space
00100001 !
00100010 "
00100011 #
00100100 $
00100101 %
00100110 &
00100111 '
00101000 (
00101001 )
00101010 *
00101011 +
00101101 -
00101110 .
00101111 /
00110000 0
00110001 1
00110010 2
00110011 3
00110100 4
00110101 5
00110110 6
00110111 7
00111000 8
00111001 9
00111010 :
00111011 ;
00111100 <
00111101 =
00111110 >
00111111 ?
01000000 @
01000001 A
01000010 B
01000011 C
01000100 D
01000101 E
01000110 F
01000111 G
01001000 H
01001001 I
01001010 J
01001011 K
01001100 L
01001101 M
01001110 N
01001111 O
01010000 P
01010001 Q
01010010 R
01010011 S
01010100 T
01010101 U
01010110 V
01010111 W
01011000 X
01011001 Y
01011010 Z
01011011 [
01011100 \
01011101 ]
01011110 ^
01011111 _
01100000 `
01100001 a
01100010 b
01100011 c
01100100 d
01100101 e
01100110 f
01100111 g
01101000 h
01101001 i
01101010 j
01101011 k
01101100 l
01101101 m
01101110 n
01101111 o
01110000 p
01110001 q
01110010 r
01110011 s
01110100 t
01110101 u
01110110 v
01110111 w
01111000 x
01111001 y
01111010 z
01111011 {
01111100 |
01111101 }
01111110 ~
01111111 DEL


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