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Speech to Text

Our speech to text or voice recognition tool lets you convert your audio or speech to text in one click.

Speaking microtime
Record Audio
Click on the microphone icon and begin speaking for as long as you like.

How to Use Our Speech to Text Converter?

Our speech to text converter allows you to make as many conversions as you desire by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Step1: Click the microphone icon
  • Step2: Choose a language and start speaking
  • Step3: Once you have finished speaking, stop the recorder and download or copy the text

How to Convert Audio to Text

  • Step 1: Record your audio through your microphone
(Note: Uploading Mp3 files from Google Drive or Dropbox or a computer isn't available yet, It's Coming SOON)
  • Step 2:  Now select the language. 

(Note: The tool will start converting your audio file into text automatically)

  • Step 3: Download the text file or Copy the text with one click!

Voice to Text Converter by SmallSEOTools

The Audio to text converter offered by SmallSEOTools is based on advanced technology that converts your audio files and real-time audio into textual files with top-notch quality. We have incorporated the best-performing algorithms in developing this tool to provide users with an unmatchable voice to text conversion. With our speech recognition tool, you can convert your audible files into text without facing any ambiguities or intricacies.

Features of Our Speech Recognition Tool

  • Flexible Deployment

The accessibility of our voice to text converter is quite flexible. You can access this tool and make your required conversions from anywhere worldwide. The users aren’t asked to get a specific device or sit at a specific place to make this conversion possible, as this online facility is accessible from all devices without any restrictions.

  • Easy Model Customization

You might think that once your speech is converted to text, it has to stay as it is. But that’s not the case with our voice recognition tool, as it provides text that can be easily customized. You can edit the converted text from speech without facing limitations.

  • State-of-the-art Accuracy

The audio to text converter available on our website promises quality results to all of its users. The results offered by our online tool are 100% accurate, and nothing is missed in the text converted from your uploaded audio file.

  • Automatic & Free of Cost Recognition

You don’t need to follow manual procedures to use this speech to text converter. This utility is based on automatic algorithms that generate results without requiring manual effort. You can use this speedy tool and get accurate results without paying a single penny.

  • Multi-Language Voice Typing

The speech to text isn’t limited to converting only English audio files. You can use this tool for the conversion of speeches in multiple languages. The only thing required from your end is to pick the correct language before hitting the convert button.

Accurately Transcribe Speech from Various Sources

Our voice recognition tool doesn’t restrict you to a specific source through which your speech can be transcribed into text accurately. You can conduct this conversion from various sources, which includes speaking out the text through your headphones and microphones. By connecting your microphone or headphone with your device, you can use this tool for transcribing speech. Another option given to users by our audio to text converter is directly uploading the audio file. This feature will allow the users to convert previously recorded speeches into text without hassle.

Designed to Inspire Creativity and Keep You Focused

Many people can speak brilliantly, but when asked to write down the same thing, they find it quite tricky. There’s no harm in facing such a situation because everyone isn’t a good writer. However, you don’t need to stop yourself from showing off your creativity, as the speech to text converter is here to help you do this job smartly. Another aspect where you can find this speech recognition helpful tool is when you want to keep yourself focused. While speaking over any topic, you might feel more confident and explain everything adequately. But you can get distracted easily while writing, and you might lose ideas popping into your mind due to a lack of focus. Therefore, using our audio to text converter can help you enjoy several benefits and focus on your work even better.

Voice Typing Increases Productivity

If your typing isn’t quick and you have a lot of work, you can turn to the voice recognition tool and make your life easy. The average speaking time is quite less than the average writing time for most people. Hence, you don’t need to stay unproductive anymore, as our voice to text converter is here to make this task easy. By recording speech and converting it to text, your productivity of creating textual files will improve gradually.

Advantages of Voice Typing

For typing lengthy essays, you would have to sit in front of a computer screen, which can result in RSI, Repetitive Strain Injuries. You cannot prevent yourself from different types of RSI while working in front of a computer screen for a long period. Manual typing affects your posture and hurts several muscles, including the shoulders, neck, hands, back, and fingers. The speech recognition tool will eliminate these drawbacks, as you can sit back and relax while dictating the words you need in text format. The only work you’ll have to do manually is proofreading the converted text and correcting the grammatical or punctuation errors that might exist.

 Who Can Benefit from Speech to Text

The speech to text converter is for everyone annoyed with textual work and prefers voice typing. The people who can mainly benefit from our audio to text converter are as follows:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Webmasters
  • Analysts

Comprehensive Privacy and Security 

While using free online tools, many people are afraid to trust them with their confidential files. Our audio to text converter online ensures top-level security of our users’ uploaded data. Your recorded or uploaded audio file won’t be shared with any third party by our web speech to text portal. In addition, we also don’t keep our users’ data in the databases, as we want to provide them with a fully secured environment. 


  • What is Speech to Text?

Speech to Text is an online tool designed for people with difficulty writing. This tool allows the users to record an audio or upload an audio file and convert it into text.

  • How to Convert Speech to Text Online for Free?

The voice to text converter presented at SmallSEOTools is the solution for free converting a voice into text online. This online tool won’t demand a single penny, no matter how many conversions you make.

  • Is Audio to Text Converter Compatible with All Operating Systems?

Yes! Our speech to text converter is compatible with all operating systems. Whether you have a device running on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can easily access our audio to text converter and convert whatever you desire.



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