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Determine your website’s authenticity with our Similar Page Checker!

The Small SEO Tools – Similar Page Checker tool allows users to check for duplicate content. We know that website owners and bloggers try to create unique content as much as possible, but the flow and the ideas can be the same as with other websites. The similarity in the content must be at a minimum level to avoid getting filtered out by search engines like Google. This the reason why we have developed a unique tool that finds similar sites.

Search Engines have implemented special filters that would normally act upon websites that contain similar content. This move was brought about by rampant search engine spam where many websites are using the same content to make them highly visible on the web. To stop this from happening and to make browsing on the internet more significant to the user, search engines nowadays use robots or also known as crawlers to filter out web pages that may contain similar content.

This free online Similar Page Checker lets the user know the percentage of similarity between two web pages. There is no definite percentage of similarity as to which a search engine can penalize a website; but, we must always aim for a low level of page similarity as possible.

Search engines like Google could be very hard to websites that contain similar or duplicate content. This is the reason why it is important that your content is unique.

This Similar Page Checker is very easy to use, and this tool will give you the results in just one click. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the page that you would like to check and the URL of a similar page.

Search engines have a unique way of filtering web pages to determine the ones that may contain similar content. We may have heard many times about a website being penalized by search engines due to duplicated content; but, this actually refers to the points that were deducted from the total web page relevancy score in search engines.

Websites that contain Similar Pages –Web pages that are identical from that of another website is often considered as duplicate or spam. It also includes a website with doorway pages which means that a website has a landing page that is similar to other landing pages on the web. Doorway pages are used to spam and manipulate the results of different search engines.

Scraped Content –It refers to getting ideas from another website and tweak it to make the content look different. Web content scraping is usually found in blogs and becoming a huge problem for search engines.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions –This involves eCommerce websites that are using the manufacturer’s descriptions for different products, which are also used by thousands of other eCommerce sites.

Distribution of Similar Articles –A published article that has been copied and placed on different websites.

Search engines use robots or crawlers that traverse web pages automatically and stores URLs that it can index in its database. Then, it associates the results with other information that it has in its database. Taking into consideration the overall relevancy score of a website, the system will then define which is duplicate content; and filters out the web pages that are considered as spam.

We have developed this unique tool – Similar Page Checker to help website owners from having pages that might get filtered out by search engines because of duplicate content.

With the help of this Similar Page Checker, you can find similar sites and compare text from other websites. It is always good to have a second look at your content and adjust accordingly based on the results that were given to you. You should make your content as unique as possible to avoid being filtered out by search engines.

To use this tool, you only have to write the two URLs that you want to check for content similarity in the space provided on this link; then click on the “Check” button. It will show you the results instantly and will tell you how they are similar to one another.

Search engines would often look at the web page and its relationship to the website as a whole. If ever you will use distributed articles for your content, you must weigh how significant this article is to your page as well as to the website.

For those who own an eCommerce website, it is best if you could write your own product descriptions that are also in line with that of the manufacturer’s. This can be a tedious task if you are selling many products, but this is the only way to make sure that your content won’t get filtered out. This Similar Page Checker can help you find similarities in the content, and from there you can alter your descriptions to make them unique.

The same goes with websites that contain scraped content. These are common in news websites; you can use this Similar Page Checker to compare texts and do the necessary changes to make your content original.

Do not use identical doorway pages because search engines will immediately classify them as spam.

The duplicate content filter of most search engines is very difficult to deal with even if you don’t mean to spam these search engines. But it is really up to you on how you can help these search engines classify that the content on your website is unique.

The Small SEO Tools offers you free online tools like this Similar Page Checker to help you avoid having a duplicate content and in making your website as original as possible.