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About Related keywords Finder

All webmasters, website owners, and SEOs are familiar with the adage ‘content is king.’ Yes, the quality of content on web pages plays a huge role in the ranking of websites. Websites are engaged in a constant battle to appear in the top ranking of search engines browsers. Visitors enter words related to the topic of their interest, and the search engines use these words to return the sites that match the words entered by the visitor.

In the internet world, the words that search engines use to find which websites contents contain the words entered by the visitors are called keywords. For example, if a visitor enters ‘car dealers’ in the search query. The search engine would list all car dealers websites. However, this would be of no use to the searcher if he or she wants to find car dealers in LA. Both the words entered ‘car, ‘ and ‘dealers’ would be treated as keywords and the results returned. However, if the visitor enters ‘car dealers in LA,’ the search engines would display the sites of car dealers in Los Angeles. Now, in this search, the keywords ‘car’, ‘dealers’ and ‘LA’ will be the keywords on which the search browsers will base the search. Now in this niche of the internet market, the websites that have the related keywords used will rank among the top sites that the search engine will rank and display.

Importance of keywords

It is where the importance of keywords comes into play. SEOs must find keywords related to their business that must be used in the content of the website. These keywords are then given to the content writers to use in the websites content. Content writers have to be careful in writing the content of the website. If search engines find over use of keywords in the content of a website, they are marked as spam, and in certain cases, these sites are blacklisted.

Using the right keywords properly plays a key role in the ranking of websites by search engines. Keywords alone are not enough in getting a top ranking of the websites; related keywords must also be used in the content. Once SEOs find the keywords that should be used, they must also find related keywords to use in the content of the website.

Keywords and related keywords are the two most important factors that SEOs and webmasters have to consider getting content written for websites. Google Adwords, Google Analytics are extensively used by SEOs and content writers in finding suitable keywords related to their websites. SEOs can also use Google keyword analysis tool to select suitable keywords for their site’s description and content. They should also know how to use Google keyword planner. It is a beneficial tool and helps SEOs to properly plan the usage of keywords.

There are other tools available on the internet like keyword competition analysis tool and SEO keyword research tool. When you use these tools to find keywords, they list the keywords according to their popularity. Which means the keywords that are used the most by visitors for a particular search will be placed at the top of the list and so on. SEOs can now do a selection of the keywords that they want to use on their website.

Keyword Phrases

Combinations of words are called keyword phrases. For example, ‘dating’ is a keyword and ‘dating tips’ is a keyword phrase. Search engines do not confine their search based on keywords alone; they also examine keyword phrases.

Keyword phrases can comprise of two to five words. In a nutshell, keywords are what visitors’ type in their searches. The popularity of keywords can vary, for example, ‘keyword’ gets the maximum number of searches per day as compared to ‘keywords’ and ‘keyword phrases.’

How to use Related Keywords Finder

Once you have selected keywords and phrases to use in the content of your website, you must find and use related keywords. The reason for this is that overuse of keywords will get marked as spamming, and that is certainly not what you want your website to get marked for. Therefore you must use related keywords also in the content.

If you go to from your search browser, you can find the ‘Related Keywords Finder’ icon and click on it. Or you can copy/paste in your search browser. It will open the application. Here you can enter all the keywords and press ‘Start Searching.’ The application will search for related keywords and return a list of related keywords. You can now export them to the document where you want to store them. Or you can do a copy/paste.

It is one of the easiest and best tools that can be used to find related keywords.

Using keywords on your site

Just simply throwing keywords in your content will get you nowhere. Don’t try to fool search engines bots. The content must be compelling and interesting for people who read the content. You must follow the basic keywords usage rules. Use unique keywords on each page of your website. You should use the keywords in the title and the content of the page. The title should be clear, and the content must be interesting for the visitors. Vague and haphazard use of keywords can get your site blacklisted. It is certainly not what you want for your website.

Be careful in the choice of keywords that you use on your website. You must find the right balance to use. It brings us back to the cardinal rule which is; write quality content that visitors want to read. You can have some excellent content written for your website, but it lacks keywords. In this case, you can use a keyword to the content resource to find the right keywords that can be used in the content without the content losing its appeal to readers.

Keywords and related keywords make up the crux of websites and are vital components for getting a top ranking for websites. Find the right keywords and use them well and readers will like your website.

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