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Pokémon Go a location based reality game developed by Niantic and released in 2016. The game Pokémon Go available on IOS and Android devices'. It gained popularity for two reasons, one it’s a free to play the game and the second reason is that the game detects the location of the player's device via GPS and uses the same location to capture, train and battle virtual creatures. Players create their avatars to play the game. As it uses the player's location to chase and capture virtual creatures, players got so involved while playing it that they would cross streets, run through shops, cafes and other business locations in their quest to capture these creatures. It was criticized, and governments considered placing a ban on it. Despite all the criticism it was downloaded and played by over 500 million players across the world. Every day new players are joining up to play the game. Today it’s the most popular online game being played on smart phones.

Because of its worldwide popularity and high ratings as a reality game Niantic required to use multiple servers. The load on the servers was and still is phenomenal. Just think if a million players are playing Pokémon go simultaneously what would be the load and response time needed to support so many online users.

Pokémon Go created an unprecedented excitement among reality game players worldwide right after it was launched. It has so many different modes of play, and real time regional scenarios built into it and the fact that it is played on smart phones makes it an exceedingly exciting and enthralling game. Players don't have to visit gaming centers or need a computer or laptop to play this game. They simply purchase and load the game on their smart phones and start to play. There are Pokémon go trainer clubs that help players to learn the rules and the intricacies of the game.

Since its launch, it has taken the gaming world by storm and led the popularity charts. It has received accolades and awards and has also been placed in the Guinness book of world records. At any time over a million players are playing Pokémon go. Such is its popularity. The popularity of Pokémon go rising daily and its easily the most popular reality game today.

Niantic faced some technical issues when they launched the game. The high demand on the servers was one of the major causes of the technical issues occurring. To overcome these technical issues and to ensure that players did not face Pokémon servers down issues, Niantic decided to launch Pokémon go in regional phases. But several players complained that they could not log in to the game through their Pokémon trainer club accounts. They would get the message 'Pokémon trainer club unable to authenticate'. They could only access the game through their Gmail accounts.

Alongside server issues, Pokémon suffered from several glitches. The tracking got stuck, Pokémon captured creatures got swapped, the game got 'stuck, ' and the game also got hacked. Despite a host of issues the game did not lose its popularity among players and over 20,000 players attended a community event for the game in Chicago on 22 July 2017. Several of the attendees could not participate in the game as the heavy load of 20,000 players accessing the cellular networks caused crashes and connectivity issues. Niantic refunded the players and also gave them a $100 game voucher.

Pokémon go topped the charts in becoming the most online played game and has been referred to as a 'social media phenomenon.' It has earned this title as it forces people to step-out, get engaged in physical activities and meet with other players. People from all walks of life play Pokémon Go which gives them an opportunity to meet with each other and interact. The game can be played by single players as well as a group of players who play as a team. Team players meet-up and interact with each other as they try to capture creatures.

In some countries, there have been attempts to ban the game and to sue the game's creator, Niantic. However, these attempts have failed to ban the game and Niantic has altered the game so as not to offend the religious sentiments of any group or people. Some government buildings have also been removed from the chase.

Pokémon players do not like interruptions during the game. The fun in playing the game is when there are no issues, and they can play it continuously. In case they cannot play, or if the game freezes during play, the first thing that they will do is check their network status and the Pokémon servers status. If they are trainees, they will check the Pokémon trainer club server status.

Smallseotools.com has a tool to check Pokémon go server status. It's an extremely easy tool to use and returns accurate results. Players can go to smallseotools.com through the search browser that they are using on their devices, or they can copy/paste smallseotools.com/pokemon-go-server-status in a tab in their search browser's address bar. Once the tool is loaded it will automatically start checking the status of the closest available Pokémon go servers. After it runs the test, it will report if the Pokémon go server is up and if its speed is 'fast,' 'average,' or 'slow.'

is up and if its speed is 'fast,' 'average,' or 'slow.' After looking at the returned results the player will know if the server is up and running and its response speed or if it's down or unavailable in that location. Now the player will know how to continue to play the game. If the Pokémon go server status is up, and the speed is fast, the player will continue play. In case the server is down, or the speed is slow, the player can decide to stop playing or move to another location.