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Use our PNG to ICO converter to create computer icons from your portable network graphics file. Simply upload your PNG file and let our ICO maker take care of the rest.



Max Size 5 MB

How to Convert PNG to ICO?

Converting pictures from PNG to icons form is a breeze with our tool. Just follow these simple steps to transform your PNG images into the ICO format successfully:

  • Drag and drop or upload a PNG file.
  • Process the conversion by tapping on the ‘Convert to ICO’ button.
  • Our tool will generate the result in seconds.
  • Export the converted icon file to device storage by using the ‘Download’ option.

Easy & Quick PNG to ICO Converter

This ICO creator online makes it simpler for its users to transform a portable network graphics file into its icon form. By performing a few clicks, users can complete the entire conversion process. Therefore, users can enjoy a seamless conversion experience with our PNG to ICO converter.

Change PNG to ICO Transparent

Our ICO maker understands the importance of transparent icon files. We have developed this tool to retain the transparency of PNG files during the conversion process. Therefore, ICO files generated by this ICO convetrer will always be transparent. 

High-Quality ICO Converter

The PNG to ICO converter employs state-of-the-art technologies. The integration of AI helps our tool preserve the integrity and clarity of images throughout the process. Therefore, you will experience top-notch results with this tool.

Why Choose Us?

The internet is a sea of options, as it contains a variety of tools for handling a single task. The same is the case with PNG to ICO conversion. But our tool stands tall from the rest. Here is why:

High Quality

Our ICO creator prioritizes the quality of the uploaded file during the conversion process. The tool maintains the inserted PNG file’ s clarity even when converted to the ICO format. 


You can rely on SmallSEOTools whenever you need to perform PNG to ICO conversion. Our tool will do this task swiftly and safely while consistently producing dependable results.

User Experience

The ICO maker features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Therefore, performing conversions with this icon maker will be a smooth and hassle-free process. 

Common Uses of ICO File

In general, the ICO file type is an image format used to represent computer icons. However, this file format has several uses in the IT industry. Some of these are listed below: 

Desktop Shortcuts

You can use an ICO file to customize the traditional icons in a desktop system. This way, you can set shortcuts to your favorite folders and elevate the overall look of your device.

Application Icons

While developing an application, you can use the ICO file for icons inside it. Doing so will offer a professional touch to your project. Plus, it will make it easier to review the overall project.

Website Favicons

The look and feel of a website are not limited to its interface. It extends beyond that. Therefore, you can use the ICO files to add favicons to your website. Doing so will elevate its visibility and help it stand out in the browsers’ tab. 


What Is an ICO File?

An ‘ICO’ file is an image format that stores tiny computer icon graphics. This file is capable of holding one or more tiny pictures with a variety of sizes and color depths.

What Is the Size of ICO?

An ICO file format can be of different sizes. The following list describes the common sizes associated with the ICO file format:

  • 16x16 pixels
  • 32x32 pixels
  • 48x48 pixels
  • 64x64 pixels
  • 128x128 pixels
  • 256x256 pixels

How to convert PNG image into ICO online?

You can access the PNG to ICO converter by SmallSEOTools and easily convert any portable network graphics file into its icon form. 

How fast can I convert a PNG to ICO?

With the PNG to ICO converter available at SmallSEOTools, you can perform this conversion in a matter of seconds.


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