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Small SEO Tools bring you this Web Page Comparison tool to help you compare two web pages at the same time. All you have to do is to enter the URL of any two web pages to see how they match up. There are so many reasons why you would want to be original, first on the list is for web marketing purposes. It also becomes more challenging for website owners to be unique online because there are a bunch of competitors that are likely to express similar messages.

This free online Page Comparison tool will quickly compare the text of two different web pages. It will generate results wherein you will see the Page Title, Meta Tag info, and common phrases that are present on the pages in a side-by-side comparison. It is important to know the content similarity between different web pages because having a high content similarity percentage is not good for a website. You can also use this Page Comparison tool to analyze keywords and meta data of different web pages.

We at Small SEO Tools want to provide our users a wide selection of tools that can be used for search engine optimization and internet marketing. Tools such as this website comparison tool are beneficial if you want to build the credibility of your website and in maintaining a strong presence on the internet.

This text comparison tool allows website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals to compare titles, meta data, keyword phrases, and the similarities in the content between two different pages.

To compare text online using this Page Comparison tool, simply enter the URL of the web pages that you want to compare and then click on "Compare Content" button.

This free online page comparison tool is extremely helpful in making your content unique from other web pages on the internet. Competition is very high nowadays, and search engines have implemented robots that can detect duplicated copy between pages which can lead to a website being penalized because of it. Aside from that, websites that contain a high percentage of content similarity to other pages on the web is likely to get a low page ranking on search results which don’t help your website especially when it comes to attracting more website visitors and for online visibility on search engines.

Optimizing content on your web pages can help increase your chance of getting a good position on page ranking because search engines would often look at the relevance of your text to keyword queries on search.

Every single text that is used on a page is very important that is why having a quality content is must be practiced at all times to be able to deliver reliable information to the readers all across the globe.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use robots that crawl on each text of web pages. These crawlers can determine the relevance of the text to what people ask for in search. All words on the page are being scrutinized by these crawlers including the hidden HTML tags or meta information. It will help the search crawlers to identify if the page is relevant to the search query.

Using a free online tool such as this web page comparison tool is very helpful in search engine optimization because webmasters and SEO experts can easily compare the content of two pages side-by-side.

This page comparison tool allows users to see quickly the similarities of your page alongside with another page. Whether you want to check what keywords are used or the page content similarity as a whole.

The Internet is a huge platform, and every website owner is competing with other website owners across the globe. So, if any case you found out that someone copied the content from your website, you can take legal actions against the offending website provided that you have a concrete evidence as a proof of ownership. Alternatively, you contact the website owner or webmaster of the other website with a DMCA take down letter.

Copyright infringement and Plagiarism is considered a serious offense, and this page comparison tool can easily help you in determining if your web pages have similar content with other web pages.

With the help of this website comparison tool, you can now identify the words used in the meta data or keyword tags, in the body text (visual) as well as in the anchor text (hidden). All these components are very important in search engine optimization.

This tool allows the user to compare web pages in a fast and efficient manner because the results are shown right away. It lets the user see the how crawlers analyze the content on two different web pages.

This free website comparison tool by Small SEO Tools is extremely helpful for analyzing the following:

  • Keywords used
  • Meta data used such as title, meta description, image tags, etc.
  • The text used in heading tags
  • Links used for internal, external, and subdomain
  • On-page HTML code

Anybody can use this free text comparison tool, but it is extremely helpful if you are a website owner, a webmaster, or a SEO professional because you can make a comparative search engine optimization analysis on two web pages. You can compare your website to another site, or you can also compare the text of two of your competitor’s pages.

This tool will generate results that shows how search engines see the selected pages and can also give you an idea on how you can improve your web pages for search engine optimization to help increase your website traffic.