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OCR Online

SmallSEOTools provides an easy way of extracting text from images in the form of an OCR online tool. Leverage it without registering or spending a dime. 

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What Is OCR Online?

OCR online is a web service that makes it easier for its users to turn the text from images into an editable form. Since the term OCR is an abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition, this online tool operates by understanding the shape of letters and numbers. For perfect identification, this OCR converter has been developed using AI.

This AI OCR tool is trained with large datasets containing various types of font styles. Therefore, this utility serves as a reliable solution for converting pictures into editable and searchable text.

How to Use This OCR Online Tool?

The free online OCR by SmallSEOTools has made it effortless to edit the text inside an image. Follow these simple steps to extract text from image:

  • Click the ‘Upload File’ button or drag-and-drop functionality to upload your picture.
  • Tap on the ‘Convert’ button and witness the seamless conversion process.
  • Export the output by hitting the ‘Download’ or ‘Copy’ button. 

Features of OCR Converter

Take a look at the key highlights below and see how this OCR tool continuously reimagines what an OCR can do:

Supported Input Formats

This Ocr converter online is a universal solution for extracting text from images. Rather than supporting a single picture format, this ocr image to text tool supports uploading all types of images.

Supported Output Formats

This OCR online tool is famous for its flexible nature. It allows the users to save the extracted text in various formats like ‘.txt,’ ‘.doc’ and ‘.pdf.’

No Need of Installing Any Software

This OCR converter prevents its users from the hassle of cumbersome installation procedures. It operates without the need for any additional plugins or software.

Secure Conversion

Like the other utilities available at SmallSEOTools, its OCR converter handles the uploaded data with utmost security. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any sort of security breaches with our tool. 

Multiple Recognition Languages

The online OCR tool has been trained using AI. Therefore, it can accurately recognize the text of any language.

Copy to Clipboard

With this online tool, you can seamlessly copy the converted text to the clipboard. Doing so will make it easier to share and integrate the copied text onto other platforms. 

Fast & Free Tool

The OCR online converter by SmallSEOTools doesn’t require money or registration from its users for using image to ocr. 

OCR Tool: Use Cases 

The OCR converter by SmallSEOTools is an all-in-one solution. It offers convenience and versatility across a spectrum of applications. The following points represent a few of those use cases:


The integration of OCR tools in the academic environment prompts people to shift from hard copies to digitized forms of educational materials. This digitization of documents makes them more accessible and easier to collaborate on.

Book Digitization

Since people nowadays spend most of their time in front of a screen, they have stopped reading physical books. To prevent physical books from going extinct, people can transform their content into digital formats with the help of an OCR online tool. Doing so will also prove beneficial in preserving and sharing the content of physical books.

Data Mining

Making decisions based on data is crucial for success in the data mining industry. Since data mining and digital photos typically go hand in hand, using an OCR converter can help you grow better at it. By using an OCR tool, you can easily extract important information and make smarter judgments.

Data Extraction

It takes a lot of effort to manually extract typography from an image. But you can avoid this headache by using an OCR online tool. With the help of advanced algorithms, such a utility streamlines the data extraction processes and saves time and resources for more critical tasks.

Quick Translation

Sometimes, you have to translate the text from a picture. But manually doing all of this is a laborious task. This is where an OCR converter will come in handy. By facilitating quick extraction of handwritten or printed text, such a tool can swiftly convert data from images into editable form. You can directly paste the extracted text into an OCR tool and translate it into your required language.

Legislation and Compliance

Conventional paper-based record-keeping methods are prone to errors and inefficient. However, OCR technology has shown itself to be a workable solution for these problems. Companies can automate the information extraction process from contracts, legal documents, and other critical papers by using OCR text scanner. Doing so will save time and reduce the likelihood of human mistakes.


What files can I convert?

With this free online OCR tool, you can convert the text from all types of image files, like ‘.png,’ ‘.jpeg,’ ‘.jpg,’ ‘.tiff,’ etc. 

How do I convert more than one image at once?

If you want to save time and simultaneously extract text from multiple images, you can use this online OCR converter. Simply upload single or multiple images an and get text in one click.

How long will it take to convert my image to text?

Our tool incorporates advanced algorithms. Therefore, it will only take a few seconds to extract the text from images.

Why do I need OCR to extract data?

The manual way of extracting data from images is time-consuming. But you can optimize this process by taking assistance from an OCR to text. Therefore, OCR tools are essential because they can save you valuable time


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